Best wishes to good friends Stephen Broll and Dvora Cohen on their wedding day!

I'll be acting as rental JP and they've asked me to write a poem for the occasion as well. Email me if you'd like to read the poem.

OK, I'll be in the newly fenced in garden picking peas until the rehearsal if you need me.



Check this. & there's more here. I can't get any sound out of the Beckett one, is anyone else having any luck with it? I'd love to hear that cut-up.


Something/someone is eating my kale and my cauliflower. The cauliflower is a beautiful violet color. Photos soon, I promise. The fence goes up tomorrow.

& I get to play Justice of the Peace at a friend's wedding on Saturday.

I should be able to use the print shop next week. The print shop guy has been on vacation these past three weeks. Ugh. I didn't know he'd be away this long. Sorry for repeated delays on the specials. Once I have definite confirmation on when I can get into the shop, I'll post a note and the books will go out that day. Thanks for your patience, you won't be disappointed.

Expectations are fate.


The anxiety of Stop Breathing to Cut Your Hair!


Welcome. Drop me a line if you want to come visit. I'll show you my garden. We'll drink cider. I'll show you the beauty of Western, MA. You'll be transformed.

Just returned home from a couple of days at the home of Aaron T and Wendy H. They have a really fantastic place in the remotes of Ithaca. & their dog is an absolute charmer. The three of them and their three cats were gracious hosts to myself and Langston. It was great to see them both and to talk poetry with Aaron. He is an infinite source of inspiration, his keen ear has reopened a project of mine. & he handed off a couple of new series that I hope someone has the good sense to publish. Terrific stuff. I also briefly met a woman who absolutely captivated my attention, and I'm a tough sell. Of course she is five hours away, so that doesn't mean much.

Upon return I see how obscenely high the grass and weeds of my lawn are. Luckily my generous friend has a new lawn mower and I can have at it. Also I'm assuming the 50 or so tomato plants will need staking, suckering, and tying. One of my least favorite activities because I am allergic to tomato plants. The worst downside is a promised completed task remains unfinished, but I suspected that would be the case. Ugh.

Drinking a cider from this year's batch to unwind and listening to this. Rarely am I up this late, so this is kind of nice.

In other news, Katalanche Press is publishing me manuscript, If and Whenwhich is essentially a sequel to birds for example. & Anchorite Press will be doing a second printing of In(ex)teriors. & I've finally settled on a title for the Rothko poems mss. after several false tries.




This was one draft of the cover for the Breaks.

Still decidedly achy after an inspired game of wiffleball on Sunday. I was robbed of a potential game winning home run by a spectacular catch.

This year's cider had a bit of sulphur in the nose, so we ran it through copper wire and it worked like a charm. The copper eliminated the sulphur smell.





Awe yeah!




A is for asparagus.


B is for Bigfoot Ale.


C is for Joseph Ceravolo.


D is for the other Duke, John Wayne.


E is for Duke Ellington.


F is for Lucien Freud.


G is for green envy zinnias.


H is for Eva Hesse.

K too

K is for Rahsaan Roland Kirk.


I is for Isaac Washington.


J is for Ronald Johnson.


K is for Pedro Martinez.



L is for Langston.


M is for Motherwell.


N is for Niedecker.


O is for Ozzy.


P is for Richard Pryor.


Q is for quince, or flowering quince tree.


R is for Mark Rothko.


S is for sungold cherry tomatoes.

T too

T is for Tapies.


T is for tea.


U is for Underworld, U.S.A.


V is for Vickie Mynes.


W is for WCW.


X is for X.


Y is for Yastrzemski.


Z is for Zukofsky.


This guy.

"milk truck calls the sun up
the paper hits the door
subway shakes my floor
and I think about you

time to face the dawning gray
another lonely day..."

the passage of time

"I can't see the lines
I used to think I could read between."




This album is my mood.


Sewing Coolidge specials. Will negotiate to use print shop for edge trim. Expect shipping at the end of the week or the coming weekend. Apologies for delays.

Planted blueberries today. They finally arrived in very rough shape. Concerned they might not make it. Will trim them of dead matter and fertilize them in hopes of revival.

Crazy happenings at the end of the week turned me inside out. Now I'm seeing it as more comical. Very comical in fact.

My links are sorely in need of revising. Soon.

Will be harvesting from the garden tonight for diner. If you can tell me what it is, I'll send you something.

Spent morning with chainsaw and a wood chipper. Very exhausting work.

We need rain.

I'll be in Boston tomorrow for Michael Carr and Bruce Andrews. You should be there too. Please say hello to me if you are there.



Last night was monkey nuts.

Softer White

Now avialable!