My head is still a ball of snot.

But my mood is decidedly brightened.

A slew of F&F happenings soon.


a warm rock

To crawl under, is what I need. World shut your mouth.


Always follow Lee Morgan's The Gigolo with Magic Hours' No Excess is Absurd. Least that's what I say.



words for birds

Jen Tynes on birds for example.

Logan Ryan Smith on birds for example.




Can you tell my paramour is afar? I'm blogging up a storm...for me least.

The longer I work on a manuscript the less sure I am. Of a divided mind. The routine of the work of it appeals to much of me. The volume of production, the solace of routine. Then I think of the Monk axiom that you have to get on the first or second take, cause that's where the feeling is. The improvisational quality of invention. Also there's the Welles thinking of many takes, the first several you get the emotion, the invention. The next several the boredom of routine. The rote. I suppose a learning. The next several the emodiment, the incarnation of knowing something inside and out. It being lived in. A skin. Where to leave off the left out.

Snyder what you bringing tonight? & that's not One Day at a Time Schneider.

Holy tastic mail. Maureen's tinysides are a stunning production. The cheap cheap price of these make purchase a Joe Brainard (no brainer). Ha ha sold out!

Speaking of mail I was giddy when Farid made mention of Richard Pryor in his recent Effing. Like Pryor, Farid my have a heart of gold but he's got an axe for yours if you're not careful.

Elvis Costello is making my exhaustion not so bad. What's your favorite Elvis?

Is the National League officially AAAA yet? That's smack.

Logan's getting after all the work he's receiving. It's inspiring.

If you've read Chris Rizzo's In the Quells, it is the sequel to the Breaks which'll be out soon. Is that fair Chris? Maybe not sequel, but an extension or further exploration? It is like Star Wars. So don't you want to know what made Kid go to the dark side? Read up in the Breaks and learn what happened. Uh, not really, but you should gobble it up anyway when it burst on the scene in August.

O hey I'm reading on Wednesday, if you live in Western, MA come listen to me read an ample portion of a current full length. Email me and I'll give you details.


Quarter past 5. Awake since 3:30, unable to sleep. This is maddening. I'll continue to kill myself at the gym this afternoon, that should help. Realizing my landlord, who used to live here before me, had insomnia as well. Is there a relationship between insomnia and mold? My current living space has mold issues.

All the new house stuff is in order, last minute scramble yesterday. Should receive letter from bank today.

OK I need to do some work, before I go to work.


Listening to Red Sox-Royals via the internet. A pitching duel thus far.

Just finished re-setting Chris'.

Looking forward to Massey's visit in October!

It seems Sarah and I have the same anniversary as Gina and Andrew. It also happens to be my mom's birthday.

My closing costs are about 3 grand more than anticipated. This is very distressing. Was hoping to buy an available pellet stove before moving in, this could be monkeywrenched.

My sister's dog is missing, send your good thoughts her way. Please.

Just received a copy of Oppen's Discrete Series through the library. It is the 1966 "mother/asphodel" edition. It is gorgeous. The text is purple. The size is perfect. I may use this size for Clark's.

Enough about the Yankees injuries, how about the Red Sox injuries?


Hot Whiskey revamped.

Cy Gist.

New Coconut.

I truly live in a cave, just recently learned about these guys.


OK, so we can't bottle wine until next weekend. We are about 100 bottles short. Guess we don't drink enough wine to accomodate our batch. Hopefully next week we can bottle. The samples taste excellent.


Was supposed to transfer my special batch of cider but haven't purchased the goldens just yet, so hopefully this week. Remember the ingredients? If you can tell me and are caller number one, I'll send you a copy of Landscape Odes.


Worked on covers for the next round of F&F stuff. One cover came together despite my lack of Photoshop. The second still baffles me. I have one cover but re-thought it. What I came up with might be more appropriate for a future project...if I'm lucky, otherwise wasted afternoon hours. Though it could apply to the current project...christ.


Curt Schilling might be one of my least favorite Red Sox players, but when he's on the mound I appreciate his approach.


Working with larger architectures is a much different process. I usually parcel larger projects and work accordingly. I think in means.


Still feeling sexy, my mojo's working.


I once had the same moustache as Bill Ward and I could buy beer.


When I say I like the Bee Gee's that isn't irony. Great song writers and I'm a sucker for harmonies, "To Love Somebody". Yes even Robin Gibb.


Emptied of All Ships is required reading. Szymaszek. Spell that twice. When I heard her read with Aaron Tieger in Boston she knocked my sox off. Then to the work, even better. Read it.


I'm a lazy blogger. I blame it on dial up.


Moths at the window in droves.


Intuition dwarfs intelligence time and again. The things we can't speak of here at our fingertips.


I can't resist the mode. Let me speak, I'm automatic.


Nothing changes but underwear.


Hadn't realized that Syd Barrett passed on last week. His fragile The Madcap Laughs has always been a favorite since I first heard it.


untitled, 1944-1945

previous hints
fleshed terms

primary splotch
gives line muck
to sense about


50 years ago, Ted Williams was nearing the end of his fantastic career with the Red Sox. Williams is rightfully viewed with awe and respect in this day and age, yet during his playing career, sportswriters like Dave Egan did nothing but criticize his every move. Because of the benefit of history, Egan is now generally seen for what was: an agenda driven hack and ultimately a joke.

The Boston sports media today is in danger of fulfilling the old adage that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In 50 years, the little Manny incidents will have been long forgotten, and with simply a glance at his career numbers we may be looking back at these media people and wondering how in the world they could’ve been so foolish, blind and agenda-ridden so as to have attempted to mar the reputation of a Hall of Fame player such as Manny Ramirez.

The two worst parts of being a Red Sox are: the Boston press/radio and Red Sox Nation. Manny is a fantastic baseball player. Please read this article, I often make the Manny-Trot comparison too to illustrate how skewed the Boston press is.



Two tornadoes tore through the center of Wendell yesterday. From the grapevine I hear about 100 people were displaced because of the damage. Otherwise I haven't heard of any deaths or injuries. One goat emerged from a destroyed barn unscathed, pulled from the rubble by the local librarian. It was startling to see large trees completely uprooted, power lines snapped, homes without roofs, etc. Doing some research, I see that Wendell has a history of tornadoes. We were without power, water, or electricity until 4 this morning. I read Oppen by candlelight.


Transmission Press has one for you. Pick it up.


Today I feel sexy.

I have not felt sexy yet this year.

How does one celebrate their sexiness feelings?

This post is decidely strange.


Usually titles are easiest, usually.

"Silence is so accurate." Mark Rothko

Excellent time hanging out with Andrew Hughes. If you don't have the new FRAME you are sorely lacking.

spend some time




Been up since four, now five. Peanut butter toast and a pot of tea. I'll roll with it rather than the usual torture of bed restless. Birds chatter before the light has fully steeped to blue. The dogwood blossoms are electric in this light.

Been reading and working on manuscripts.

Looking forward to hanging out with FRAME's Andrew Hughes tonight.

If you can sleep through the night I envy your good fortune. I exercise daily, eat well, drink little, don't drink coffee - only the occasional pot of tea -, I've lessened my sugar intake...so what gives.

I'm going for a walk with Langston.