In my hands. Great cover Wendy! This lineup could match up with the '75 Reds or maybe the '86-'87 Lakers is more appropriate numbers-wise.

Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers

See above.

Not too familiar with this album, but one of my favorite Blakey groups: Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Wayne Shorter, Bobby Timmons, Jymie Merritt, and Art Blakey. Already cited Morgan as a favorite, Shorter is also. Suprisingly, to me, Shorter didn't write any of these compositions.


Time Enough At Last

"Witness Mr. Henry Bemis, a charter member in the fraternity of dreamers. A bookish little man whose passion is the printed page but who is conspired against by a bank president and a wife and a world full of tongue-cluckers and the unrelenting hands of a clock. But in just a moment Mr. Bemis will enter a world without bank presidents or wives or clocks or anything else. He'll have a world all to himself - without anyone."

No Excess is Absurd

Magic Hour.

Gorgeous, lush saturation. Far and away a jewel. "Always Never Leaving" a favorite. The record itself is a notable lavendar and the cover image from Film No.7 by Harry Smith. O you should hear this.

CHE 1994

from the desert


if in Boston area when

You should be here.

Olde English Review

Joseph Massey's review of Olde English is reminiscent of Paul Beatty's guide to malt liquors, but goes further in rendering the particular qualities which distinguish English. Dogfish Head has a Liquor de Malt that I haven't tasted yet. It looks interesting, but the hand stamped brown paper bag sounds a little precious.



Yeah! This sounds dynamite.


We'll have to do without until. Might actually get some work done this week.


Fits of Dawn is keeping me on my toes, stunning, this came out in 1965.!? Here's a sample online. Will post an excerpt soon. Has anyone else heard the rumor that Adventures in Poetry is going to republish this? They should. Someone should.

remarks on color

This one's nice.

This Just Asked

Was just asked if I was ever a drill sergeant. Christ! That's a world worse than Tony being told he looks like a cop. The worst thing is, the guy meant it as a compliment.


AJ or no

The latest:

  • Will they or won't they? That's the decisions the Marlins must make in the next few days. ESPN's Peter Gammons writes that Florida must weigh whether they want to deal Burnett before Sunday's deadline. The Marlins have won four of five and are just 4½ games out in both the NL East and the wild-card race. "There are a lot of very good signs, a lot better than last weekend," Marlins GM Larry Beinfest told Gammons. "The last few days we started to play a lot better, the way we're capable of playing."
More interesting Burnett tidbits:
  • From Gammons: "There are side factors that are difficult to judge. There is no love lost between the Florida and Boston ownerships, and now that St. John's reliever Craig Hansen has signed with the Red Sox -- after turning down a $2.6 million offer from the Marlins on draft day that would have allowed Hansen to go straight to the big leagues, prompting the Marlins to ask Bud Selig to investigate -- those feelings might be heightened."
  • Also from Gammons: Burnett, who is in the last year of his contract, "has made it clear that he probably wouldn't sign an extension with the White Sox but would with the Red Sox if the money is right."
  • From the Chicago Sun-Times: According to a source, "the Florida Marlins still are looking to deal starter A.J. Burnett, and if they pull the trigger, they intend to do it before Burnett pitches again Saturday."
  • The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel reported that the Red Sox "were said to be growing frustrated with the Marlins' refusal to return their phone calls."
  • Are the Red Sox still a player for Burnett? According to Gammons and Monday's Chicago Tribune, the latest buzz had Bronson Arroyo and Sox prospect Anibal Sanchez being offered to the Marlins for Burnett. Arroyo, however, didn't do anything to endear himself to Florida on Sunday. He gave up six runs in 6 2/3 innings, saying afterwards, ''it's the worst curveball I've had in two years with the Red Sox." No Marlins scouts were in attendance.
  • From Tuesday's Sun-Sentinel: "The Marlins continued to express interest in Pirates left-hander Mark Redman. A key part of the 2003 Marlins, Redman could replace Burnett in the rotation."
  • According to Monday's Miami Herald, the Marlins have apparently narrowed their focus to the White Sox, who would likely give up minor-league starter Brandon McCarthy and left-handed reliever Damaso Marte (though there have been some reports Marte may be out of the deal) to get Burnett. One potential snag, according to Sunday's Boston Globe, is that the White Sox reportedly will not go through with that deal without signing Burnett to an extension.
  • The Marlins appear to be backing off their demand that overpriced and underachieving third baseman Mike Lowell be included in any deal for Burnett, according to Sunday's Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.
  • According to Gammons, one Sox official says there's "a 25 percent chance (Burnett will) become one of the five best pitchers in the league." Gammons said on Boston sports radio station WEEI 850 AM on Sunday that Burnett would prefer to be dealt to Boston than anywhere else.
  • According to ESPN.com's Jayson Stark: "One dark horse to watch might be Philadelphia. The Phillies, who have been trying to market Ugueth Urbina and Vicente Padilla for another starter, approached the Marlins this week about whether they'd be willing to trade Burnett within the division. But that would seem like a last option for Florida -- considering all the possibilities it has in the AL."

all this from here


SHAMPOO Issue #25

Has the makings of a good one.


Outward Bound

Eric Dolphy Quintet featuring Freddie Hubbard

Alto-sax, Bass-clarinet & Flute all to a t. Dolphy can do. Jackie Byard on pia no. Yes. A favorite of the keys though he sounds a little lost in the mix (volume-wise).

NEW JAZZ? 1960

Forever Changes


The worst kept secret, but it was news to me when at $10, a friend proclaimed it a steal. He was right. If lugubrious at points all is forgiven for the ore aplenty.


Sarah's photo

Dial up Diptych. I think this is just what happens when you have dial up. Could be wrong. Wendell sky.

One Edit

Newly. Read it.

Effing Press

A new one! & looks like another soon too. Surely stellar.

Afro/American Sketches

Oliver Nelson Orchestra

Been on a bit of a big band jag, so this sounds better than I remember, but could be my current predilection. And he wrote his own album notes.



slippery slope

I understand posting images of your pets can very well be the beginning of the end, but look at this guy's face. Promises not to do too much of this.

food suggestions

Try this!


There is no
in this kiss
that won’t

question stagnates

inconsequence teases

ice floes
blue -black
water drop

from a gutter drips

what’s expected
an unaccustomed
place for walls


should we then…

what gets




I'd almost expect someone to do this to him, not vice versa.


which raises the question

Los Angeles or Wild Gift?

vote as many times as you like, there will be no voter intimidation, be outspoken


Permission to be
who I am

Pouring: a riffing

Tiger lillies
summer green
road sweat stained
an anniversary passed
where to
where from
where now you
asleep beside
a carved grief
of flesh to coiled
question mark from throat
a high hat metric
time bomb in
my chest electric to
finger tips a glyph if


X. When I need my ass kicked this is the album always up to the task. Not a false note from start to finish. Luckily I've got an original with lyrics on the sleeve.

SLASH 1981


  1. Work meeting.
  2. Hey to Noah, hope his promises for a farwell reading ring true.
  3. Organic produce from farming friend: beets, carrots, garlic, basil, tomatoes, new potatoes, and raspberries.
  4. Drive-in movies and picnic: turkey, cheddar, mustard, asian cabbage on sourdough. Nectarines and lemonade. All ingredients organic, except cheddar.
  5. Hike to the high ledges.
  6. 6 year anniversary. I love you Sarah, more than you can imagine.
  7. Return volley to a favorite poet on our collaboration.
  8. Comments on poems received.
  9. Received: Collom's Dog Sonnets, Grenier's Series and his Phantom Anthems, and more Tolling Elves.
  10. Work on Penny Dreadfuls.
  11. Headway on Fewer & Further Press projects.
  12. Red Sox heartache and euphoria.
  13. Longish walk with Langston.
  14. Avery Brown Ale.
  15. Photographs.
  16. In(ex)terios/Ex(in)teriors sent out.
  17. Laundry.
  18. Reading.

You all know more than you should, but I think I'm ok with that.

o &

THE SPIRIT MERCURY is Joseph Ceravolo.

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain


Sounds better with each listen, minus the skips. Can't get enough of this album. Full spectrum. Can't say anything intelligent, it's that good.



The thunder is dirty,
the lightning my sister.
Two voices from the
same source.
But I won't allow
myself to think of nature.
It's too appealing,
too full of mysteries
that take my heart away
from this ugly laceration.
But somehow
even that is gone
and all that's left
is rain.


same diptych



My favorite Beatles, despite having one of my least favorite Beatles songs...Norweigan Wood. A heavy rotation and think of the competition. Start with SIDE TWO.

Capitol 1965

The Inflated Tear

Roland Kirk, pre-Rahsaan. Very nice, carries the two horn from Kirk in Copanhagen to something again. You're own personal brass section, "The Creole Love Call" in one set of lungs. Just shy of the self concious tongue-in-cheek Kirk of some later albums, that I personally like.


Steven Wright

"If you're not part of the solution,
you're part of the precipitate"


I want to post some excerpts, but I can't get the post to hold the spacing I type in. Tell me how o wise bloggers. Thanks, greatly appreciated.


Sebadoh. If I weren't so in love with Bake Sale, this album would knock me out, instead it staggers me around the ring. On Fire is beautiful, "...but I'm responsible anyway for second or third hand information that complicates the complication." Other nuggests too.

Subpop 1996

looking hayseed

This is me with the three pigs we raised in 2003. (Photo by Brian Jones)


Fits of Dawn

In a stunning turn of events, the last lending library in Illinois has decided to send me a copy of this via ILL. A hearty Marv Albert, yes!


self portrait

desert&la2 004
Originally uploaded by Jess1-0.
A recent photo of myself.

dark Jesus

desert&la2 022
Originally uploaded by Jess1-0.


desert&la2 006
Originally uploaded by Jess1-0.

Millenium Dust

Just arrived via Interlibrary Loan. The photo of Ceravolo on the back cover is pretty funny, looks like something from Honcho. In case you are wondering, I'm not a Honcho subsriber. Amherst College, where I used to work, suprisingly enough had a vast archive of these types of publications at its offsite storage. I look forward to reading this tonight, expect excerpts. Of JC, I've only read: The Green Lake is Awake, Transmigration Solo, and Spring in This World of Poor Mutts. I tried requesting the others, but no libraries would lend these items. If you have copies of any of these and want to unload or loan them (I'm very careful and conscientious), please contact me. I know that is highly unlikely but I say it anyway.


I Ain't Marching Any More

Ochs couldn't be more appropriate. Not only topical, two lyrical gems: "Iron Lady" and Noyes' "The Highwayman". Often neglected is Ochs guitar work. What a voice. His "Here's to the State of Missippi" later performed as, "Here's to the State of Richard Nixon"!


Fast Japanese Spin Cycle

Guided By Voices-7"

bob before he became Bob of the Dionysian overload, at least in the sometimes music overwhelming persona. As per usual, "lovingly fucked with" production and top notch songwriting. If you have Vampire on Titus, there's overlap...so to speak, some songs that are the same are completely different. A devastating Dusted.


this weekend

Glad to see that Carl Annuramo is not just the mythical figure I had begun to believe he might be. Instead he's that and an incredibly nice guy, funny how that oftens happens with good poets/people. He is talking about making Pettycoat print and has a chapbook of five line poems forthcoming, keep your eyes peeled. And speaking of print, the run of In(ex)teriors/Ex(in)teriors is finished and flying out the door, so if you want one contact Chris Rizzo or myself and say so, otherwise you'll go without. If for nothing less, you should seek this out because it is an excellent example of Anchorite Press. Not enough time ever for hanging out with the many hats of Michael Carr: collagist, publisher, poet, stand up guy. He has a forthcoming book from Mark Lamoureux , all those film poems, that's the one. Chris also handed off a beautiful Pressed Wafer George Stanley broadside, gorgeous and a framed Aaron Tieger designed broadside from our Soon Productions reading. If you haven't seen any of Aaron's broadsides you should pester him for some, they are relatively cheap and speak to his keen reading eye.


Lee Morgan. A top three trumpet player for me. I'm sure he would be flattered to read that. Listen to this line up: Morgan on trumpet, Jackie McLean-alto, Hank Mobley-tenor, Herbie Hancock-piano, Larry Ridley-bass, Billy Higgins-drums. ! I know Miles said that Mobley played behind the beat, but he deserves better than that. Higgins plays his ass off. Jackie McLean is exception as well. Hits the ground running and never stops, a hard bop essential.

BLUE NOTE 1965(?)

Mulligan Meets Monk

These are two of my favorites musicians in no small part due to their distinct sound. Monk is one of a kind, that's a given, but Mulligan's baritone sound is instantly recongizable as well. An album pairing the two of them is naturally going to play to my enthusiasms. Wilbur Ware (bass) and Shadow Wilson (drums), who Monk was currently working with at the Five Spot (from LP notes) fill out the ensemble. Rhythm-a-ning is a favorite from this album.


LP's: a preface to forthcoming posts

Recently realized how little I've been listening to music. And that the majority of this listening has been in the car, so it isn't necessarily attentive listening. This lull and pace is fairly typical of life cycles (for me at least), but in an effort to revitalize my listening I've decided to write about my LP collection in order to reaquaint myself with my records and the enthusiasms I have for many of these albums.



"I have never avoided the influence of others, I would have considered this a cowardice and a lack of sincerity toward myself. I believe that the personality of the artist develops and asserts itself through the struggles it has to go through when pitted against other personalities. If the fight is fatal and the personality succumbs, it means that this was bound to be its fate."


From a month long hiatus, the lightship of my soul.


Baffling Combustions #3
Poems Retrieved-O'Hara
under what is not-Bervin
Sulfur #6
Indigo Bunting-Mayer
As It Is-Lazer

nice words

From Jonathan concerning In(ex)teriors/Ex(in)teriors. Read down a bit, I lack the skills to land you right there, besides you should read all his posts anyway. Words which are very welcome after a long, emotional weekend.