new garden crops this year

visionary art

There are more Vollis Simpson pictures here. I've posted some personal photos of his work on the blog before. This is the stuff that makes my heart and head race.

Buy this. Chris does beautiful work and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts the work is superb.


Mathias on Hotels. Thanks Mathias.


It’s the intelligent juxtaposition. By intelligent I’m simply saying that some thinking or emotion has occurred in the author before the actual choice and juxtaposition are made. That intelligence only becomes evident when we can see that juxtaposition and realize that something happened in this guy which made him choose these things. But again, this is a problem for readers. They want to know whether this is prose or poetry. They want it to be one or another. I can see how in one way this is a legitimate concern for the reader. However, I say, What are you worried about? Just sit down and read the thing.


Reading in Milwaukee June 26th with Michael Carr. Email me if you would like the details, otherwise I'll post them when I have more info.

Today's rain is just the thing. The garden has been very dry.

The proposed solstice reading is being pushed back until late summer or fall, but the planning for it is in the works. I'll be making noise about it soon.

I have not internets at home these days which has been great for upping my reading and gardening, but not so great for correspondences. I'm posting this during my lunch break. Now I must go to the gym.

My friend Lewis just handed me four Prynne chapbooks. Very nice. I have the Collected thanks to Sam, but the chaps are more digestible. I've been pouring over them.