From a Compound Eye

, the latest from Bob Pollard, was at first underwhelming. Now it is growing on me. It is unlike GBV, unlike The Fading Captain releases, but closer to the later. The key is to play it at ear shattering volume, in the manner of Dear Prudence or The Who.

F & F news

A letter from Clark Coolidge today confirms that F&F will be doing his Counting On Planet Zero.

tony robinson

Is on fire. So click on his Geneva Convention link on the side bar (from email I can't link, can I?) and see what he's talking about. A poem from his collaboration with Andrew Mister. Can't wait. Send me 5.

catching up

The latest from Hot Whiskey is gorgeous. Read it last night sitting beside the fireplace. The design of this book is remarkable.
Coco! No more bad name puns, please. Tremendous upside! Like this move a lot if he can translate his LF prowess to CF prowess, it'll be best case.
Prepping reading list for Monday reading. If you want a see what I choose, drop me a line and I'll send the set list or the poems themselves if you like. It is new stuff and birds heavy. There may be a podcast (pod cast?) of this reading available, we'll see...
Last weekend went with Michael Carr to visit Gerrit Lansing in Gloucester. Big motor Michael, what a head on those shoulders. & this was the first time I met Gerrit. Is he the sweetest polymath? I was subject to my usual social clam up for most of the day.



Local and not so local folks, I'll be reading Monday night in Wendell at a pub called Deja Brew (I know). If you want directions or specifics, email me and I can send them to you. If you aren't familiar: Wendell is about 30 minutes from Amherst, 40 minutes from Northampton, 100 minutes from Boston, and 200 minutes from NYC. We wave the $1 admission fee for "really fit honies."


required reading

You don't have a copy of Zing yet? You gotta be shitting me. Here are some other poems from Chris. & if you still haven't bought it after that, you need an ear examination.


many thanks

This makes my day, perhaps the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.


slow swirl at the edge of the sea, 1944

horizontal lines

make this



wish hint

to shade


gethsemane, 1944

birds suggest

underneath what

was exactly

a bulbous pedestal

more gray than of note


inky ditty

Anyone need ink for a Dell printer? I received a hand-me-down printer that doesn't work, but I ordered the ink beforehand. The ink package is unopened. I'll sell it cheap, cheap. If you are interested, drop me a line and I'll give you specifics. Both black and color ink.

monies well spent

Buy these.



yadda yadda

Beat up from hoops last night. Large black and blue on left femur, just below pelvis, scratches and bruises all along my arms. Ran for a good three hours. Was hot and cold throughout. Must go to the gym today regardless to make good on vow to be at fighting weight by b-day, which is still a ways away.

There'll be news tonight, keep your ears peeled.

Managed to get 4 hours of sleep last night and feel amazingly refreshed. Basketball helped squelch some of the recent anxiety.

Have you read Chris Rizzo's poem at The Duplications?

More bounty in the mail these last few weeks. Specifics soon.

Nice post here on Coltsfoot Insularity. Thanks Guillermo!

You see this? Details here. How can you not write a poem for one of these?


Here and Now

"I met the president [Reagan], Jack. We in trouble...motherf----r looked at me like I owed him money." Richard Pryor from Here and Now

omen, 1946

belly yellow snake

watercolor bled

to thick

bits of red

a wheel

shade of crown

red binds

darkest to light

to darker

bee rests

Bee rests on a

railing corner

rain drops

from treetops plink

color into dry

wood crusted needles

limply lash laurel

flowers parachute

in clumps where

taller trees were

extracted raise fronds

as fists of purplish-white

swallowtail pauses there

bird’s high pitched

twitter spindly long

necked stagger of tips

ferns furled fans

punctuate power

lines slick licorice


Yesterday after several days of little sleep, forcing me to call in sick. A little sleep yesterday. Heads no longer pounding, but now have a head cold. Every year when it comes to January full moon I'm unable to sleep. Full moon's witch me to begin with, but the Jan full moon is particularly troublesome. It is usually the entire week leading up to the full moon and this year it was especially so.


hall of fame voting

You might debate the deeds of fertile Jim, but a more important question is, who the hell voted for Walt Weiss?

sox fizzle

I'm not buying the sudden Alex Cora is fine talk coming from the Sox brass. It is spin, sure. Don't do Marte for Lugo. Lugo is in his walk year, so essentially it would be Renteria and Marte and cash for Lugo. Unless they can sign Lugo to an extension. And the return of Jay Payton! All this is less than impressive.

how long

Before anyone notices?



The Lake


second reading

Past=Nine of Coins (again)
Present=Six of Staffs
Future=Emperor Card

OK enough. I'm fascinated by tarot.


Today's tarot reading, link via st*rnosed mole:
  • Past=Nine of Coins

You have had many blessings, achieved goals and realized hopes. Your business life or career has been very important, and you may have lost touch with the fun things in life. You realized that sacrificing now will gain you success in the future.

  • Present=Magician

A great deal of creativity and determination is flowing. You can see what needs to be done. Now is the time to create that which you imagine. Realize your potential, take control of your life, and make what's possible, real.

  • Future=High Priestess Card

Something is possibly being kept secret or hidden; possibly by a female. Trust your inner voice. Look beyond the obvious. Mysterious events, possible supernatural will occur. Allow events to proceed without intervention.


counting on

A stunning nugget in the mailbox yesterday has restoked my fires. More on that soon.

Blue Jays are flavor of the offseason. What is the over/under on how many games Glaus plays this year? My guess is 120.

Watched Richard Pryor Live In Concert last night, as well as the recent HBO Special, I Ain't Dead Yet @%*^. The HBO Special is pretty forgettable, "what will Richard say to God when he arrives in heaven?"???! But In Concert is a must watch, one of his best concert movies. Not having watched this in some time, I forget how his expressive face adds to his portrayals.