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Lee Bontecou


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1-2 from an older mix

Sebadoh "Rebound"

Heart-broken and attractive
A sad, sloppy mess
Lookin' for approval
And easily impressed
Beware they say, but why would I listen?
I need to know what I've been missing
I'm no one you can trust
All little-boy lonely with curious lust
Confusion turns me upside down
Lost as quickly as I'm found
But soon enough it turns around
On the rebound
Call it fate or true love, never forced romance
Fell into a new love
Maybe perfect love by chance
Beware they say, but why would I listen
When it feels this good?
No one lives their life
Doing all the things they say they should
Confusion turns me upside down
Lost as quickly as I'm found
But soon enough it turns around
On the rebound (X4)

GBV "Don't Stop Now"

woke up one morning saw a rooster strutting by my house
six pack rings round his neck, cock of the block
don't stop now
don't stop now
what keeps big daddy happy
what makes the buzzards buzz
a leaky quart of motor oil head for the hills
don't stop nowdon stop now now
pulled into economy island
king shit and the golden boys
plenty more where we came from
top of line
don't stop now
don't stop now now


from Off the Wall

Interviews with Philip Whalen,

"I don't feel sympathetic toward theories of literature, I think that the practice is more important. Northrop Frye or Richard Ellman are very entertaining in their essays, but I am interested in what I write not so much in why I do it--I think that what actually is produced is more interesting than the theory about it which develops afterwards."


wine update

After mulling and perusing different varieties of grapes, and pretending to know how to use a refractometer, we decided to do a Syrah. Barbera was a close second. We de-stemmed and crushed 14 lugs which should yield 35 gallons of wine. I have photos, which I'll post if I don't succomb to my usual laziness.


this weekend

Among other things:

  1. Selecting, de-stemming and crushing grapes, then pitching a yeast with hopes for 30 gallons of wine 6-12 months later. I will play John Fante's father, ala Full of Life, keeping watch in the basement, worrying about how the wine will turn out. I'll keep you posted if it is good news. Ask and maybe I'll send you a bottle if it turns out worthwhile.
  2. Splitting and stacking another 1/2 chord of wood.
  3. Pounding my desk as I do more InDesign work.
  4. Sending out poems to interested parties.
  5. Writing poems because fall warrants it.
  6. Reading poems because I have too many unread books on my shelves.
  7. Feeling up poems because I'm desparate and filled with hunger.
  8. Making future travel plans before cabin fever is fully aflame.
  9. Walking Langston, with Archie in tow being the least well dressed of the trio.
  10. Watching the Red Sox rise again from the ashes on broad back of Ortiz and the arms of their younger pitches.

laid out

InDesign I don't love you either.



Davis' Million Poems Journal (previous copy was loaned and never returned)
Moxley's The Sense Record and Other Poems; Imagination Verses
Ashbery's Rivers and Mountains
United Artists #2
Towle's Lines for the New Year: Poems 1963-65
All Stars edited by Tom Clark

Well spent money I don't have.

Alice Notley

I dreamed of a clipper ship
Until he’d seen which Captain You said
He’d seen nothing, I woke bold
Chased you to get caught in the hold
Back to sleep 2 nightmares
Solid ones down not to be told
Woke not wanting to be in life
Wasn’t, outside warmed
To my blood clean cold quickened
On the way to town for food and
Back for you, though I was still
A little sulky & grim
So you fucked me back in


yet again

  1. Bake McBride
  2. Amos Otis
  3. Joe Zdeb
  4. Cookie Rojas
  5. Sal Bando
  6. Buzz Capra
  7. Wayne Twitchell
  8. Skip Jutze
  9. Don Hood
  10. Blue Moon Odom

last list

continuing on

  1. Rafael Landestoy
  2. Joe Charbeneau
  3. Butch Winegar
  4. Mark Lemongello
  5. Tommy Toms
  6. Ron Cey
  7. Merv Rettenmund
  8. Rance Mulliniks
  9. Dick Drago
  10. Vida Blue

methinks my pea-brain on display



AT: You're going to look like Whalen when you get older.

JM: Thanks. Don't you think he's a bit larger.

AT: I mean from the neck up.

JM: Still that's a little...

AT: I mean that in the best way, he's not a bad looking...

JM: Well...then you're going to look like Ted Berrigan.

Brook's History of the World Part I, "Your highness you look like the piss boy." "And you look like a bucket of shit." Echoes.

Certainly no offense taken, and no vanity intended. I'd do well to look like Whalen, and Aaron doesn't really look like Ted B, and probably won't unless he starts hitting the Pepsi and pharmaceuticals.

Currently immersed in Whalen's poetry and interviews. What a polymath.

ten more

  1. Cesar Geronimo
  2. Jorge Orta
  3. Johnny Grub
  4. Bump Willis
  5. Diego Segui
  6. Rawly Eastwick
  7. Bob Apodaca
  8. Don Aase
  9. Skip Lockwood
  10. Bernie Carbo

yes we have no bananas

ten more names

  1. Pumpsie Green (see Cheryl)
  2. Carlton Fisk
  3. Ralph Garr
  4. Catfish Hunter
  5. Rick Monday
  6. Ron Swoboda
  7. Duffy Dyer
  8. Rollie Fingers
  9. Chet Lemon
  10. Felix Mantilla

perhaps ten more exciting name tomorrow


favorite baseball names

  1. Biff Pocoroba
  2. Hosken Powell
  3. Rusty Staub
  4. Ferguson Jenkins
  5. Al Hrabosky
  6. Lyman Bostock
  7. Mel Ott
  8. Coco Crisp
  9. Sixto Lezcano
  10. John Wockenfuss

the first ten coming to mind, perhaps more later



Gyptian in Hortulus
Just Like a Real Italian Kid
Avis, Or the Replete Birdman-M. Gizzi (all three)
Moving Right Along-Elmslie

all $5 or less!

Now that SPD has media mail shipping, saving money is that much more difficult.

M. Gizzi

A Self

The sign of the dead is addition
a name to live up to


"Which do you dance for
Which makes you shine
Which will you choose now
If you won't choose mine"


mac papi

Not to be lost in the warranted Ortiz buzz is Wakefield's complete game victory.



If you need to reach me tomorrow night, I'll be here . I'll be the one in the Rudy Pemberton jersey.

fewer & further press

Coltsfoot Insularity, a collaboration between Aaron Tieger and myself, will be the first fewer & further press release later this month. Other titles will soon follow. Tell everyone who you'd think would care.


Marshall, Will and Holly

Sleestack! or Picasso double nose from the desert. Gotta get back those Bootsy glasses from my sis soon.


The cold shower issue. Be still my heart.

sage advice

"Don't buy gas if you don't need it," offered Bush. You can't get that kind of advice just anywhere.

Pennant Fever

In all the excitement of the Pennant Race, it is easy to overlook that the slowest man in baseball stole his second base of this season on Wednesday night. A new career high.


Today's poem here.


Speaking in Tong's

Prose and palette eloquence. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Thanks for the dedication, Joe!


The Duplications !