Firing up the hot tub today, with it so warm weather. Holler if you want to soak.

Everyone keeps telling me that they got the Collected Guest and the Collected Spicer for Xmas. I gots neither. I did buy myself a new circuit board for my pellet stove. Woot!

If you are waiting on a special edition of Rabbit Lesson, that should happen soon. There have been design issues. I'll leave it at that. I appreciate your patience and will reward it with extras.

Look for F&F to drop a Jordan Davis book to conclude 2008 or begin 2009, i.e. soon.

Been working on a new cycle of poems.

I've been blessed with many great friends in this poetry thing that we do. I'm so thankful, you have no idea. You people keep me semi-sane. I truly cherish your energies. Much love and gratitude.

Here's a new one:

elegant trogon

pitch a fit snow recedes
inject this red carpet hickey heart
in the distant body
emergent designs animate stare-off
written on her Chucks
moving closer to why
sea anemones
when it ceases to be valuable
spiky thrushes tip
map wishes in your bending spine
a finish to release a grips so


newly to be noted

Aaron Tieger and the art of a small chat window. Another beautiful book from Michael Carr.

& Michael Carr's newest. Petrichord has come out guns blazing. Blam, blam.