How do we choose our specific material, our means of communication? "Accidentally." Something speaks to us, a sound, a touch, hardness or softness, it catches us and asks us to be formed. We are finding our language, and as we go along we learn to obey their rules and their limits. We have to obey, and adjust to those demands. Ideas flow from it to us and though we feel to be the creator we are involved in a dialogue with our medium. The more subtly we are tuned to our medium, the more inventive our actions will become. Not listening to it ends in failure...What I am trying to get across is that material is a means of communication.

Anni Albers

frost on the window

old song

Take off your clothes, love,
And come to me.

Soon will the sun be breaking
Over yon sea.

And all of our hairs be white, love,
For aught we do

And all our nights be one, love,
For all we knew.

Robert Creeley

poetry and pottery

This was in my copy of A Geology when I bought it. This very much reminds me of this album.



in the lab

Wrote these last night. They are still in process, but I thought I'd give you a peak.

older plants

the dictionary defies
the sun with common
sense its very verdant
pastures its league
of tentacles
all red in the face
the same all green
all around the child
rushing into the night
I used to see the same
photo yet with a
sound snow melts

I have this marker

you are the ruin
I need to be
a forum for this
bleeding phantom trouble
a pronoun on the rough
street moments ago
the middle of winter
owed the sky’s beginning
now adding a twig
adoration twists about
blue and shiny
I have all distance
in these lips
a halo for preening


the sky loathes this
windshield trim hills
deformed to opaque shapes
how many has one filling
the sky in a rage
the improbable sense
to go deep white
sky juggling crows
having been in this city
having been in this hibiscus
order outside this window
a sense of waves that
would be mirror
that writ for order
the fiery glow you don’t notice


Fucking printers! Just another obstacle.


the new sheriff



Each year they milk the Beatles for something more from fans. What is your favorite Beatles song? My current: I Don't Want to Spoil the Party.


There's nothing to love in this
rice Spring.
Collected something warm like friends.
Sail glooms are none.
Your desire
rests like sailors in
their bunks. Have beaten you, lips.
Supply me
man made keeping.
Supply it flowing out;
are brute bullets in your back
because there is
in this rice Sping

Joseph Ceravolo

I'm not much of an American Football fan, but these guys are remarkable.

Clark's is so close I can taste it. Consulting with my design guru's for feedback.



word of the day

Today's Word:
Zaftig (Adjective)

Pronunciation: ['zæf-tig]

Definition 1: Having a full, rounded figure (usually of a woman).

Usage 1: Marilyn Monroe had a zaftig figure, as did the pin-ups of another generation. This word must be used sensitively but it is an impressive alternative to its synonym "Rubenesque."

Suggested usage: Using this word you have to be careful that it is set in a positive context: "Ms Jones has a razor-sharp wit and a zaftig figure, a combination that some men find attractive."

Etymology: From the Yiddish zaftik "juicy," from Middle High German saft "juice", akin to the English the word "sap." No explanation as to why the English word bears none of the connotations of the original German word.

—Dr. Language, yourDictionary.com


I am, by far the lamest blogger.

First post of '07, rejoice.

'07 has to be better than '06. Has to be.

Flooded with reading material. Need a month of Sundays to catch up. I have been, yet again, slow with comments. But there here on the page, I just need to type them up.

If anyone is willing to photocopy Ceravolo for me, I'll gladly trade F&F stuff or otherwise. I have: Spring, Green Lake, Wild Flowers, Transmigration. Anything else would be appreciated.

"I Let the Stars Get in My Eyes" by Kitty Wells.

Joel Pineiro? Ich don't think so. We'll see. Theo loves this kind of signing.

Obsessively listening to "158 Years of Beautiful Sex". The drummer is excellent, ha. Thanks to uncle wiggly for the reminder. Great song.

Hey, Michael Carr pointed out there is a new Prynne. How'd I miss that?

Yeah, it's a full moon. I can expect about three hours sleep.

Word from CARVE EDITIONS is that there are about 25 copies of

birds for example left. Thanks for buying them. If you don't have one, get after it.