Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You. One of my very favorite song titles.

On the back porch. Neighbor's rabbit was chased away by other neighbor's dog, eyes peeled for a white puff ball. Otherwise enjoying an Oatmeal Stout after a hot tub. Fall weather. Chinese cabbage is a wondrous green, literally, the color of mustard greens. Electric. Vivid. Cut my first fall salad: arugula, tot soi, and red mustard. Brussel sprouts look a little behind schedule. I'll make a tea from the manure I have and give them a drink. Hopefully that will provide a boost. Eggplant plants are about 5 feet tall now. Many hot peppers.

Listening to (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Going to Go


volcano tears

I'm a blank
The sun is out
The wind is cold
Walking but not going.
Why didn't you love me?
On the beach
the shells still move.
Summer will never change
But you do, you changed

the face of the mystic
that wanders around in me,
that abandons me
when the rising moon surges
above the loneliness
of this beautiful world.

Joseph Ceravolo


Millenium Dust

I own a copy now. Email me if you want a PDF...just kidding

Magic # is 2.

What is your favorite Nick Drake song?

my fortune cookie post

It is indeed a full moon. Sensed it earlier in the week when I couldn't sleep, so I watched the entire first season of Extras beginning at 4:30 am. Made popcorn for it. A stellar breakfast. My corns tell me, or my intuition tells me, that all the monkey nuts of the last six months or so is played out. I mean this, not only for mysef, but for others. New things will manifest in the coming months. It is palpable.


My very generous neighbor has given me permission to pick up their internet from my place. So I'm writing this post whilst sitting on my back porch, looking at the garden. I haven't got the gumption to try to post whilst in the hot tub just yet. A mishap could be disasterous.

I'm slowly putting much of the garden to rest, trying to harvest beds and allow them to rejuvenate. & to allow myself to shift my focus back to other things that require my attention. This means lots of canning and freezing, which will hopefully keep the wolf away from the door in the winter.

There is an enormous hemlock tree speckled with lichen that I don't have the heart to drop. I'll let the insects and the woodpeckers have their fun.

There is also a stand of maples along the lane next to the house that I may tap this spring. I should be able to get about a thimble-full of maple syrup.

I've been in this house just over a year now. It seems odd and familiar.


first law of publishing

Anything that can, will go wrong.

Looks like I need a new printer. Any recommendations? I cannot afford this right now. I cannot not afford to buy a printer.


Tonight's menu:

roasted leg of lamb
smoked bluefish
country style ribs
sweet and sour eggplant
steamed collard greens
roasted beets
roasted veggies=red peppers, jalapeno peppers, onion, garlic, zukes, cauliflower, and fresh oregano
roasted carrots
tomato-basil salad
mashed potatoes and celeriac
asian style cole slaw

hummus and pita bread
pesto and smoked cheddar

For a dear friend's birthday. A feast.

See Joe, eggplant has more uses than just flogging. This is an Indian recipe using tamarind.

Been cooking all morning into afternoon. Made more pesto. Dry rubbed ribs and now slow cooking them in a tomato reduction. Roasting vegetables as we speak, or as I type. Now I need to walk the pooch and clean. I hate cleaning. I love cooking. If you come here and clean, I'll cook for you. We'll have a symbiotic relationship. Now accepting applications.

& in the I'm a bonehead or just completely lame category, I missed Graham Foust and Rod Smith at UMass. Two contemporary poets whose work I find invaluable. What the hell, Jess.

What else? Can you tell I don't want to clean?

O, we are picking apples tomorrow for this years cider. Apparently the orange pippins http://www.orangepippin.com/apples/coxs-orange-pippin.htm are ready to go. We will go back for the Baldwin's in a couple of weekends.

Yes, I need to do less. For some reason, blogger isn't allowing me to add links to this post.



suffer my pretend as
a sea cold to star
in vast event volley
the bemoans gone flesh
escalate the does
stroke violet tone in
me passing bone rent season
convulses tempest brought
of old flaw calm
draught plot granted
to known neutered mirror
the voided dram of enabled
tragic after flow or rendered
note detail as sure fragile
indifference opiate lopping
in stead chaste personage
the toppled past souvenirs
toward morbid level headedness


clear as can be
blue spare limbs
from spider's webs to seige sky

looped bright
leaf near to fall goldenrod
electric comb shadows

dirt road words
are if ingredients
decaying trees a matter

of course bands in
scarified white
birches ferns mask grass

green grown up at the
of the road


New Cultural Society update. Click on texts.


a day in the life

5:00 am, wake up, lie in bed until 6:15. Feed critters, brush teeth, shave. Walk pooch and cat. 6:45 drive to work. Work 7:30-3:30, go to gym at mid day. Arrive home from work 4:30, walk pooch and cat. Feed critters. Lug wood pellets down to basement, carrying 40 lbs sacks on each shoulder. One tons worth. 5:15, make tea. 5:30 peruse garden, harvest kale, peppers, and basil. Notice morning glories are out of control. Secure second compost bin. 6:00 enter hot tub with If and When mss. and new working mss. 7:00 leave hot tub, finished If and When final revisions. Sit at outdoor table work on newest. 7:30 steam kale for freezing, chop vegetables for chili. 8:00 finish bagging kale, turn chili to simmer. 8:30 finish dishes, realize I forgot to make dinner, eat cheese and crackers. 8:45 search sites for end paper for forthcoming projects and finish edits on anthology. 9:00 write a blog entry, plan tomorrow.


for Mike Hauser

June perdition
glassy saws ensue soil
a land face up lean
immobile debut toward
listing placid
duly a concordance
respectful refrains
emitting the ancillary wane
uniform flame alights
abreast to swarm a roam
upon tapestry
surly to foil recompense
add in light
do present to do
foliage honeycombs addressed
a heart lops sheer
the newly dumb lovely
to a chance
to the give forward so as


snow portion

assuredness of birds
thrown upward
outside certain impulses
sight line of stars
relentless white
left open through some
search for release
desiring isn't easy
I should remember
everything at the edge
of it to the
ringing ground


for Joe Massey

On the eve of selling out of Property Line, I thought I'd post this picture for Joe. These eggplant were harvested earlier today.


My allergies are going nuts. This is the worst case of allergies I've had since I was a kid and would have asthma attacks. I'm wheezing like a ninety year old smoker. This gives me no energy for anything, though I have so very much to do. Very, very frustrating. & even more frustrating is that I'm out of popcorn!

Here is something that has been entertaining me. He doesn't give Kid Marine enough love, but other than that, it is an excellent read.


one of my favorite songs

Allergies 1, Jess 0.


yma sumac