My very generous neighbor has given me permission to pick up their internet from my place. So I'm writing this post whilst sitting on my back porch, looking at the garden. I haven't got the gumption to try to post whilst in the hot tub just yet. A mishap could be disasterous.

I'm slowly putting much of the garden to rest, trying to harvest beds and allow them to rejuvenate. & to allow myself to shift my focus back to other things that require my attention. This means lots of canning and freezing, which will hopefully keep the wolf away from the door in the winter.

There is an enormous hemlock tree speckled with lichen that I don't have the heart to drop. I'll let the insects and the woodpeckers have their fun.

There is also a stand of maples along the lane next to the house that I may tap this spring. I should be able to get about a thimble-full of maple syrup.

I've been in this house just over a year now. It seems odd and familiar.


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