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Added Saturday's Boston reading to my sidebar, check it out. Also posted Geoff Olsen's, working on Kimberly Lyon's next, after getting her OK.


If and When is now available from Katalanche Press. Please reward their effots. This press does beautiful work, Phototherapique is a stunning book, design and poems.


Saturday, September 27, 7 pm

Kimberly Lyons, Jess Mynes & Geoff Olsen

a release reading for their new books from
Katalanche Press & Petrichord Books

Pierre Menard Gallery / 10 Arrow St, Cambridge

Kimberly Lyons is the author of Abracadabra (Granary Books) and Saline (Instance Press) as well as numerous chapbooks. Her most recent publication is Phototherapique from Katalanche Press/Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs. She lives in Brooklyn where she works as a psychiatric social worker.

Jess Mynes is the author of If and When (Katalanche Press), in addition to birds for example (CARVE Editions) and In(ex)teriors (Anchorite Press). Recently Clouds, a collaboration with Aaron Tieger, and Sky Brightly Picked (Skysill Press) are forthcoming. He lives in Wendell, MA with a dog and a cat.

Geoffrey Olsen lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and works at the Cooper Union in Manhattan. His chapbook End Notebook was recently published by Petrichord Press of Cambridge, MA. Poems of his are forthcoming in Asterisk and EOAGH.


this just in


Petrichord Books is pleased to announce the publication of DOKUMENT, a new chapbook by Catherine Meng.

In a sequence populated by iconic figures ranging from Peachy Peach and Glenn Gould to Bon Jovi and someone called Bullet, Meng writes a fragmentary lyricism informed by her Philip Roth epigraph: "It's impossible to report anything faithfully other than one's own temperature; everything is allegory."

A sample of DOKUMENT by Catherine Meng:


talking to Peachy Peach about the block of time
& sick from kissing
likewize & out of folkus
trying but crimping the script
ad-lib ensued so all the cars had a line
Bullet said something about
how the price of gasoline
equals the end of sharing
chorus: guffaw
Bullet: Starbucks had something to do with it
chorus: guffaw
the poets: taste great less guffaw
Glenn Gould: over easy please
Tracy: 4 phun give glen some funky yolk

DOKUMENT costs $6, and can be purchased online via paypal at http://petrichord.com/titles.php or by cash or check (made payable to AARON TIEGER) sent to:

67 Rice St. #1
Cambridge, MA 02140

Upcoming from Petrichord in 2008:

SUMMER POEMS by Aaron Tieger
END NOTEBOOK by Geoffrey Olsen
OUT ANOTHER by Michael Carr
RECENTLY CLOUDS by Jess Mynes and Aaron Tieger

Thank you,
Aaron Tieger
Editor, Petrichord Books


hard eyed acts

(for Geoff Olsen)

I like to be thought of tempting
a straight line, no accident of the
mystery in her hands
sky, closer sky,
paling, cursing

this dawn of yours must make
sense, such great haste in those
eyes, what I can't stand is

a dozen large birds in
narrow circles, the grace quick
of mind, annihilation brink
short, limber morning, only
link of green, haven added
to first in my head

I would
step onto the other side in
silhouette, cinch you in the green
this long enough
sculling, scale you for


Rabbit Lesson

Fewer & Further Press is pleased to announce the publication of Brenda Iijima's Rabbit Lesson. Rabbit Lesson is printed in an edition of 200 copies, 40 of which are special editions.

Copies can be purchased for $7, postpaid. Please visit the Fewer & Further Press site for an excerpt and cover image. Payments can be made through the site with Paypal.

Special editions are hand-sewn and signed by the author, for $9. If you would like to purchase a special edition, please contact the editor for availability.