Tate too

I too loved Tate once. Followed him right up to Worshipful Company of Fletchers in hardcover. Remember this guy quoting this poem from JT's greatest hits whilst picking squash on the farm. The days of $5/per hour:

Five Years Old

Stars fell all night.
The iceman had been very generous that day
with his chips and sliver.

And I buried my pouch of jewels
inside a stone casket under the porch,
their beauty saved for another world.

And then my sister came home
and I threw a dart through her cheek
and cried all night

so much did I worship her.


banner mail day


Anna Eyre's Metaplasmic
William Hart's Rabindra Sarobar

I'm now two shy of the entire Effing Press catalog. This is impressive work, you owe it to yourself to buy as you can afford.


Tolling Elves #1-4

These look very cool. I'll will gooble them up tonight.

a bucolic take

Rain pelts fits
of laurel
to confetti white
petals on asphalt
where a
nightcrawler lolls


Michael Gizzi

"I don't write anything that I cannot pronounce comfortably. In other words, I wouldn't write anything in a poem which I wouldn't say to you right now...So it has to be something, in other words, I never try to be someone I'm not in my poetry. If I can't say it why would I want to write it down? If it's not something I would say to you why would I want to write it down? So I don't say the word "diorama", I say "diarrhea." But I might put "diorama" in my poem because I can say it comfortably. There are certain instances of words I can't say comfortably but they're the right word so I say them over and over until I can pronounce them comfortably and then I'll include it, otherwise I wouldn't and I use a lot of contractions for that reason."

from Dock Ellis

"... Barry Bonds? I'd hit him at least once a game. 'Cause he's got all that shit on. Yeah, let's see that shit stop the ball from hurting him if I hit him on the motherfucking elbow or something. I'd hit him just to see, does it work?"


a beautiful thing

AL East
New York
Tampa Bay

c'mon Devil Rays

Purchased and Received

Fox of Gold-Mayhew

Alphabets & Portraits-Lasky
Scarlet Tanager-Mayer
Ring of Fire-Jarnot
the Poker #6
Keep Watching the Sky-Torra

from Quartz Hearts

Boards on the edge of a sneeze. A seascape.
The pelt of the glows I saw you. Pore pore.
Well. A way off one of admirer. The which
therefore a teller. Of. Can it be such as
it is seems later. The smiler comes down
off his three step. Cans it. That at one end.
The hour that someone says it is. Now permits
the lens to penetrance. A lighter. I've
not been seen you at all. Cars down. Immediate
flume on automatic. Dims on. Track of the hollow cave.

Clark Coolidge


What do you think about, hippopotamus?
Of having a bigger river
with a whole lot of fish.
How do you scratch your back?
I let the fish and bugs
do it depending where my back is.
What is your favorite time of day or night?
Morning, well duh.
If you wrote poetry, what would it be about?
I will write about taking a nap.
Do you have a question for me?
Yes I'm wondering what a
human being is. In my opinion
I think humans are things
that fly

from Fox of Gold by Julia T. Mayhew

I love this book, you should order it too . Poems and drawings. Another favorite, a drawing, "Tigers Helping the sick". It will be the best $5 you've ever spent.

Readings Reports: Amherst and Beantown

Lori Lubeski read at both Amherst and Boston. Jordan has asked, "why are there not more collections of Lori Lubeski's work?" and Katalanche Press has done something to address this need. There is talk that a Carve Edition is in the works as well. Personal favorites from her readings came from this collaboration. Noah commented that Lori's reading style was incantatory.

Travis Nichols read his entire Katalanche publication, I'm Trying to Be a Good Horse as well as a longer prose piece, whose sections began with the address, Dear Luddy (sp?). It was the first time he had read this piece in public. It was very good and I look forward to reading this in the future.

Dorothea Lasky read from her recent Anchorite Press publication, Alphabets and Portraits which is remarkable. I'd read some of Lasky's work in American Weddings and elsewhere but this was the first time I'd heard her read. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for her forthcoming Braincase. She also generously supplied me with print outs of the poems she read, which I will be reading as soon as I'm done with this post.

I read a hunk from In(ex)teriors, recently published by Anchorite Press, as well as some shorter poems. Drop me a line if you are interested in reading In(ex) and I'll send one along. Think barter.

Special thanks to Aaron Tieger who made the long-ass drive from Ithaca to make the reading. Also to Michael Carr for setting up the reading and allowing me to peruse his stacks (kindling my book lust). And to Chris Rizzo for all his work on In(ex) and for putting me up for the night.




your boots, Ann, but what matter
though the rose thorns' short wings

over the air of the senior citizens' enclave
(the Senator is in doubt as to the exact significance

up the worn green wooded steps
my only voice seems to be in my hands but
or sunk in my neck since
how can I reach you, gone. The green
caster, guest bed laid out in must.

Sure I have won these before, just here.

Verily, the long brooding hours of life are best;
I don't believe it an instant; and they are best.

Ah, well, their backs
of torn, sweet corduroy.

from Dusk Road Games

Archie's Tally


Two birds
Two chipmunks
Five mice
Eight to ten moles/voles (often too mutilated to distinguish)


After much ado the new Pettycoat Relaxer , stellar as usual.



Charley Finley and Al Davis chose the color scheme for this blog.


feeling my way

Images soon. Links soon. Audio soon. For now, words.


"But then, even in the most insignificant details of our daily life, none of us can be said to constitute a material whole, which is identical for everyone, and need only be turned up like a page in an account-book or the record of a will; our social personality is a creation of the thoughts of other people."



To make entirely
styleful & effortless
dig his ease w/
the hard material
its given surface
wood stone cooked meat
To make an object
less than obvious
snow wave
poolpipe or pavement
into slices
This is apparently
effortless this
riding the given
You know the verb
in surfing
such as manner
in design makes
by shaping to cut
into CARVE


There are two upcoming readings for Katalanche Press & Anchorite Press to feature some new publications:

Saturday, June 18 - 8pm Travis Nichols & Lori Lubeski Katalanche Press release reading Amherst Books - Amherst, MA

Thursday, June 23 - 7:30pm Lori Lubeski, Jess Mynes & Dorothea Lasky Katalanche / Anchorite Press release reading McIntyre & Moore Books Davis Square, Somerville MA http://www.mcintyreandmoore.com/upcomingevents.html


Travis Nichols is the author of the chapbook "I am Trying to be a Good Horse" from Katalanche Press. His poems have also appeared in Crowd, American Weddings, and the anthology Isn't It Romantic.

Lori Lubeski is the author of the chapbook "Eyes Dipped in Longitude Lines" from Katalanche Press, as well as Dissuasion Crowds the SlowWorker, Sweet Land, and Stamina. Recent poems have been published in CARVE magazine and Art New England. She teaches at Boston University and Curry College.

Jess Mynes' chapbook "In(ex)teriors" has recently been published byAnchorite Press. His poems have appeared in The Canary, Carve, and Pettycoat Relaxer. Another chapbook Birds For Example is forthcoming from Carve Editions in the fall/winter. He lives in Wendell, MA.

Dorothea Lasky's chapbook "Alphabets and Portraits" was recently published by Anchorite Press, and her chapbook The Hatmaker's Wife is forthcoming from Braincase Press. Her poems have recently appeared in Crowd, Boston Review, 6x6, Delmar, among others. She is originally from St. Louis and currently lives in Boston, where she co-edits the Katalanche Press chapbook series.


For more information on Katalanche Press, visit on the web at https://mwcc.mass.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://katalanchepress.blogspot.com/.