rough mixes

Of a longer manuscript. Let me know what you think. I'm sure I'll delete them all in the morning.

No. 19, 1949

white over my

pill eyes and

medicated nines

box geometry

Untitled, 1948


hinted at
envelop what's


untitled, 1944

three but
less so
a sink a
lamp cat
on less
than red

flesh tone

untitled, c.1944-1945

cock's eye
blue egg
guess who
all sure
gains these
in threes

Entrance to Subway (Subway Scene), 1938

from you
before the only
lacking faces

Band on the Run

You DOWN with Band on the Run or are you down with Band on the Run? Can you be punk rock and DOWN with Band on the Run? Burning questions, please help me get to sleep.


Stephen Broll

photo by Brian Jones

in case you are wondering

Wendell. No, I'm not the Natural Law Party member.

"According to the [tax] return, they [the Cheney's] have overpaid their taxes this year and are entitled to a refund of about $1.9 million." Read for yourself. & even better read this.



Tom Orange from Fascicle Issue 2

"The larger implications for Coolidge's work as a whole that I hope you can draw from this admittedly selective presentation are, as I see it, first, the understanding of language as a material object. This enables, second, a poetic trajectory from the late sixties to the middle seventies in which Coolidge moves from breaking language down to its rudimentary components in order to see what meanings and things can and cannot be made, to building up his own language anew. Clearly in Smithsonian Depositions that new language is not "his own" per se, having been appropriated from a variety of sources. But, third and finally, this appropriation affords Coolidge the opportunity to expand the field of what is proper to his writing; admitting an autobiographical, even confessional mode of address into his work here, he is laying the groundwork or seeking permission for the emergence of a speaking subject or "lyric I" that we find running from Own Face through to the poems begun as On the Nameways that Coolidge continues to work on today. "

Seems I can't link directly to this, so go here then scroll down to Tom Orange on Clark Coolidge.

Even though my birthday ended late last night, you can send me a copy of this anytime. I'll even foot the shipping.

"Nothing says goodbye like a bullet."

Tonight's movie. It will be Altman month this week and all of May. My second choice was this. What are your favorite Altman?


one edit

Visit this.

It is April 25th, blogger. Give me that much.

a lifetime of beer

You receive a lifetime supply of one beer, what beer would you choose?

You're not supposed to go to the gym on your birthday are you?

for Brian Jones


Joe Massey,

Mystic poet that he is, hasn't figured out time/space travel and how to navigate it. If you got it, give it and get his ass out here for his reading with me in NYC on June 5th.

Also look for F&F preorders of his Property Line and a Massey broadside for interested parties. Email me for specifics.


What is your favorite Sabbath album?

Thanks to the two of you who will respond to this question.


on moths? do you like them or not?

(what's this got to do with anything?)

played more than once this week

Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Sonny Stitt-Stitt Plays Bird
Roland Kirk-Volunteered Slavery
Tom Waits-Blood Money

in no particular order



A) John Wieners
B) Lyn Hejinian
C) Kimberly Lyons

Thanks for playing.



Today's balmy spring day has me.

Thinking back to Mother's Day, a few years ago, snow on the ground, we went to look for pigs. Stops later we found a promise of pigs. A surreal loop. First stop. Cancer. We were told this by his son, wearing an university sweatshirt, home from college for the weekend.

Second stop a sty of grunting pigs around a basin. Have you heard a pig before? Murderous squeels and earthy grunts alternate. The squeels usually indicate a need, hunger almost always, sometimes fear. Ah success. No. Only full growns. "Come in for a beer, it's after noon." By the woodstove cans of various macro brews and discussion of who to visit for piglets. A broken ankle raised in ice on a barstool. He had the suggestion.

Final stop. At the door no shirt, scratching a stomach, "in two weeks time." A good price. Three pigs two weeks later.

Red Sox!

No Crisp, a cold Manny and still 9-4 . Winning one run games. I like this style of baseball. How about an '86 rematch? I have faith that Papelbon will fare better than Schiraldi. Let's not talk of blisters or a fifth starter, Lester will be along around the all star break.

best laid plans

Was supposed to do F&F design work all weekend, but the poems kept coming, so spent it mostly reading and writing. Next two projects are very clear in my head, not to worry pretties

Realizing that hammock time is now required each uninclimate day until the black flies arrive.

step right up

Win a prize! If you can identify the author of one of the quotes below, I will send you one of: Aaron Tieger's February, Michael Carr's Platinum Blonde, or my birds for example (you choose). If you can identify two, you can choose two, etc. Contest ends 11 pm my time. You can email me with your choices or you can respond in the comment box.


No, the wild tulip shall outlast the prison wall
no matter what grows within.


Clouds are forming but never come to what they form.


What's an errand? It's hard to define, it goes on all winter afternoon.



If you're trying to reach me via email, I'm not getting it since Saturday, so email me at my gmail. If you don't know my gmail: here . You have to read some.


word is

That Martian Press is going to publish Full on Jabber, a collaboration between myself and Christopher Rizzo, in the fall of this year.

on February

Logan Ryan Smith writes about February. Thanks Logan!


talk of Platinum



since when?

How didn't I know about this? You've been holding out on me, haven't you.


on February

Joe Massey writes about Aaron Tieger's February. Thanks Joe!

Effing Press

Has a new one. Buy it! In fact you should buy all the Effing Press books you don't own, they'll bring sunshine to your rainy courtyard.


katy did

Write about birds. Thanks Katy!