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Today. & this.


On fumes. Monday night I slept 3 1/2 hours. Tuesday night I slept 4 hours. Wednesday night I slept 2 hours. Last night I slept 4 hours. 13 1/2 hours of sleep this week. I can manage on very little sleep but not over an extended period of time. I almost fell asleep at a lunch lecture yesterday. My brain is soup. I can understand how sleep deprivation begins to make you feel like you are losing your mind.

get thee to effing

And buy Farid's book.


Dizzy and bird. (watercolor)

When in Rome.

Henchmen in green.

Lester-Wright 11 pitch at bat, classic.

Michael Carr and friend.

Listening to the Sox-Mets and posting some pictures. O the joys of dial up. Nice catch Lastings, thanks.

World Series Preview.


All Small Caps

Poetry tonight! Come listen. Come read.

This was supposed to be a press release reading but F&F has been slacking, or more correctly lacking. Cake that is.


coming soon

Revamped links!

Hot Whiskey

Has a new one, gobble it up.


ego vs ego

Didn't see this one coming did you?



The second incarnation of FRAME is here. The blog will be updated within a few days so be checking for updates...

The issue features some really great work by 10 poets who are very dear to our hearts, including:

Thomas A. Clark
Michael Schiavo
Logan Ryan Smith
Aaron Tieger
Sally Ashton
Marjorie Manwaring
Amie Keddy
Jess Mynes
Whit Griffin
Jeffery Beam

Thanks everyone...

Andrew & Amie



A bunch of new stuff here, or at least, new since I was last there.

I'm excited about this.


stats from the Boston Globe

The Sox now have 22 come-from-behind wins, second most in baseball to the Brewers (24). The Yankees, meanwhile, have 20 blown-lead losses, second most in baseball to the Devil Rays (25). The Sox are 9-4 in games decided after the seventh. The Yankees are 7-12.


roll up your sleeves

Scott Pierce on publishing, "Sometimes the truth is that I make books so I don't go to jail. Silly? Yes, but very much true!" From the comment box here. Read up.


Reading from birds.

More Dustin.

Signed the contract for my new place this weekend, I'm soon to be one of the landed poor. In an effort to celebrate the inspired landscaping of my current landlord and as a document to these last three years, I'll be posting photos of the landscape surrounding the cabin where I currently live and providing some interior shots. This space has had a profound effect on me. It has been a difficult and rich three years. There will be a small publication that features poetry originating from this specific location. I'll keep you posted when that publication is a reality. I'm shamelessly stealing a title from poet Michael Carr and calling this project Landscape Odes.

I've always considered Michael the poet most-likely-to-turn-into Samuel Beckett.


Me reading.

Dustin Williamson reads.


more earful bounty

Listen to Christopher read "Ah-leu-cha".

Amen to that!


Brenda Iijima

Reads "Trick" from Remembering Animals. A new earful.


Joseph Massey

Reads "Abandoned Lot". A new earful. Listen up.



I'm buying a house. Daunted, excited, shit-scared.


That's tea not coffee. As I said to JM, tea is my muse. It is indeed.


NYC!! This is pre-reading with: Mark, me, Sarah, and Dave. Brenda Iijima with the photo skills. Note Mark's blue leather, yeah! OK, enough exclamations, or not enough really. The NYC folks were beyond compare: Stacy, Erica, Brenda, Dustin, Gina, Eddie, Corina, Paul, Coletti (who I gave a drunken hug), etc. etc. I had a blast, right up until I hit a cab on the way out of town. Shit. A green handshake and we were back on course. But what a joy to look up at a reading and see everyone attuned. Then afterwards beers, conversation, and popcorn. Wished I'd had less self and more ear (as second reader) for Dustin's reading. I look forward to the work he passed along. If only more time to hang, but alas. Thank you. Thank you.


Monday June 05, 2006 8 pm

Jess Mynes & Dustin Williamson

Jess Mynes is the author of In(ex)teriors (Anchorite Press); a collaboration with poet Aaron Tieger, Coltsfoot Insularity (Fewer & Further Press); and birds for example (CARVE Editions). He is the editor of Fewer & Further Press. Dustin Williamson edits the Rust Buckle magazine and chapbook series. He is the author of the chapbooks Heavy Panda (Goodbye Better), Gorilla Dust (forthcoming from Open 24 Hour Press), and Power Lunch, a collaboration with the poet Gina Myers.


got it

I gots a place for the NYC excursion, thanks to everyone who offered suggestions and their space. Greatly appreciated, thanks.

We'll get into town on Sunday late afternoon/early evening, if you are interested in meeting up for suds or food stuff or other, email me and I'll give you a number so you we can get in touch. Yeah, I'm talking to you.