Arlo Quint's Drawn In

Hello everyone,

Fewer & Further Press is pleased to announce the publication of Arlo Quint's Drawn In. Drawn In is printed in an edition of 200 copies, 40 of which are signed special editions.

Copies can be purchased for $7, postpaid. Please visit the Fewer & Further Press site for details. Payments can be made through the site with Paypal.

Special editions are hand-sewn and signed by the author, for $9. If you would like to purchase a special edition, please contact the editor for availability.

If you would like to pay by check, mail it to:

Jess Mynes
121 Lockes Village Rd
Wendell, MA 01379

Please make checks out to Jess Mynes.

Thank you very much.

Jess Mynes, editor


Blogger Thomas Vaultonburg said...

Halloween 1974

I'm Batman

And my brother is the
Boy Wonder

A freak ice storm
Has snapped to
The ground the wires
My mother explains
Connect all the voices
Of the world

Halloween 2011

I'm not Batman,
And there are no
Wires now to connect
The call I need to make
To ask you
Who I really am
Behind this mask.

9:39 PM  

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