So Afro Pop is my new listening default, you wanna make fun of me? I didn't think so... Any suggestions? Perfect working long day music.

May have a new poem for you, stay tuned.

Watching Archie chase a mouse across the snow displaying his ninja skills.

look, it's baseball! and ____

Good article on the gyroball.

Returned from NC after a few days of gluttony. So much food.

* soon.

Holy shit, you see the effing gorgeous new Effing Magazine cover! & that lineup!! Flattering to be in there.

I like Mike Lowell's take on Manny arriving late,

Comfortable with more accomplished players getting more leeway?

"It's like Jimmy Johnson says, If Troy Aikman falls asleep in the video, he'll nudge him and tell him to wake up. If the second string special teams guy falls asleep, he cuts him."

For the record, I say let Manny skip spring training and show up on Opening Day if he wants to. Also pencil him in for .310 50 145.

Working on Counting On Planet Zero has me reading On The Nameways. Almost forgot how good those poems are.

Need to to work. I'll check in with you later.



snow day

Lovely snow day. Had dreams that the snowline at where I work had left these bizarre messages that were difficult to decode and decide whether or not we had to go to work. One was a song. Those dreams woke me up, convinced me the message was already up at 4, and it was. Awe yeah.

NYC was really great. Andrew Mister gave a fine reading of his Hotels, which will be published by F&F in the coming months. He also read from his National Dust. Poems/parts from National Dust will be in the forthcoming issue of EFFING MAGAZINE, ed. by Joseph Massey. I read a good chunk of the manuscript that was titled Sun Seen From Afar, "lake effect", and a few poems from the latest series. Jim Behrle was over and above a gracious host. Whenever I return from being in NY and interacting with the folks of the NYC poetry community, I return with renewed vigor. The activity of these people, the work they are producing, and the people themselves floor me.

Red Hook is a very cool neighborhood.

I gots a bunch of Open 24 Hours stuff!

Working on * today.

More to say soon...


Feb 11th 7 pm NYC

Andrew Mister and Jess Mynes read at the Zinc Bar. Come listen, there's a broadside in it for you.

Zinc Bar: 90 W Houston at West Laguardia


katalanche press

This just in:

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new chapbook:

by Alan Davies
$5, 44 pages

Alan Davies is the author of many books of poetry, including Name (This), Signage (Roof), Candor (O Books) and Rave (Roof), as well as an untitled collaboration with photographer Mark Winterford published by Zasterle. He has written many critical articles and book reviews, and has lectured here and abroad. He was twice a recipient of Canada Council Grants for the Arts. His big book called Life is forthcoming from O Books. He is at work on a lifelong project consisting of individual books, of which Book 5 is the most recent installment to be published.

From Book 5:

no more


See you
won't talk


gone over


or else
you yours


Order yours here:


Payments can be made on our website via paypal by clicking on the
provided link, or by check made payable to Michael Carr sent to the
address below. Prices are postpaid.

Katalanche Press
c/o Carr
9 Malcolm Road, #1
Cambridge, MA 02138

And stay tuned for another release announcement soon.

Michael & Dottie

coming soon



Guillermo on Wieners.