look, it's baseball! and ____

Good article on the gyroball.

Returned from NC after a few days of gluttony. So much food.

* soon.

Holy shit, you see the effing gorgeous new Effing Magazine cover! & that lineup!! Flattering to be in there.

I like Mike Lowell's take on Manny arriving late,

Comfortable with more accomplished players getting more leeway?

"It's like Jimmy Johnson says, If Troy Aikman falls asleep in the video, he'll nudge him and tell him to wake up. If the second string special teams guy falls asleep, he cuts him."

For the record, I say let Manny skip spring training and show up on Opening Day if he wants to. Also pencil him in for .310 50 145.

Working on Counting On Planet Zero has me reading On The Nameways. Almost forgot how good those poems are.

Need to to work. I'll check in with you later.


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