snow day

Lovely snow day. Had dreams that the snowline at where I work had left these bizarre messages that were difficult to decode and decide whether or not we had to go to work. One was a song. Those dreams woke me up, convinced me the message was already up at 4, and it was. Awe yeah.

NYC was really great. Andrew Mister gave a fine reading of his Hotels, which will be published by F&F in the coming months. He also read from his National Dust. Poems/parts from National Dust will be in the forthcoming issue of EFFING MAGAZINE, ed. by Joseph Massey. I read a good chunk of the manuscript that was titled Sun Seen From Afar, "lake effect", and a few poems from the latest series. Jim Behrle was over and above a gracious host. Whenever I return from being in NY and interacting with the folks of the NYC poetry community, I return with renewed vigor. The activity of these people, the work they are producing, and the people themselves floor me.

Red Hook is a very cool neighborhood.

I gots a bunch of Open 24 Hours stuff!

Working on * today.

More to say soon...


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