All Small Caps Reading April 27th

Anselm Berrigan lives and writes in New York City, where he was raised and continues to be so. He is teaching at a few schools as a part-timer and considers teaching a noble trade though it makes him feel crazy. Some time this spring he will be officially a person who has written poetry for more than half his life. He recently put out a longish poem called Have A Good One in which the phrase Have A Good One is used slightly more than eight dozen times as a repeating title. Dana Ward had the where with all to publish and circulate this work, which tells you something about him. Berrigan has a book called Free Cell coming out later in the year from City Lights, and hopes his less-than-two-years-old daughter continues to improve his poems.

Sean Cole's poems have appeared in such magazines as Court Green, Black Clock, Carve, Torch, Pavement Saw, Magazine Cypress and Pom Pom. He has a chapbook out on Pressed Wafer press called "Itty City," and full-length collection of postcard poems called "The December Project" that was published by Boog Literature. He's also a reporter for the public radio business show Marketplace and other programs. Now and then, he is called upon to write short autobiographical statements like this one.

Dana Ward is the author of Goodnight Voice (House Press, 2008), the Drought (Open 24hrs, forthcoming 2009), & Roseland (Editions Louis Wain, forthcoming 2009). Recent work has appeared in Try!, the Brooklyn Rail,With+Stand, & Typesetter. He works as an advocate for adult literacy at the Over The Rhine Learning Center.



From Orange to Pink

Jordan Davis' From Orange to Pink is now available from Fewer & Further Press. From Orange to Pink is printed in an edition of 200 copies, 40 of which are special editions. Special editions are signed by the author. If you would like to purchase a special edition, please contact the editor.

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