to come

Expect a burst from F&F. Currently, logjam.


on another note

I'm in deep like.


Andrew Hughes and Dustin Williamson rocked the house last night. A stellar reading. The kind of reading that renews your energies. & the open mic lineup featured the likes of Michael Carr, Aaron Tieger, and Heather Willey. All of that in the little town of Wendell.



Has new ones for you.

favorite comedians

1. Richard Pryor
2. Robin Williams
3. Rodney Dangerfield
4. George Carlin
5. Stephen Wright
6. Steve Martin
7. Jonathan Winters
8. Woody Allen
9. Eddie Murphy
10. Bill Cosby

gots the hots


be here

Monday, October 29, 7 pm
Andrew Hughes, Dina Stander, and Dustin Williamson
Deja Brew Café
57 Lockes Village Rd
Wendell, MA

upcoming reading

Saturday, November 10, 6 pm
Jess Mynes and Sarah Lang
Ada Books
Dean Street at Westminster


tomorrow's menu

arugula-beet-peach salad w/ toasted almonds and goat cheese

roasted eggplant dip served w/ a pico de gallo/chutney and flat bread

jerk chicken served on a bed of braised pac choi

dirty rice

apple tarts served w/ a berry salsa and fresh whipped cream



Mine was stellar. How was yours?


Rudd and Dresser

Excellent show last night.



Enough with the Yankees already. Who cares about Jeter's anemic showing, A Rod's departure, Torre's firing, &tc? There are some better teams still playing.


hidden shell as strong suit

accident of wings walk around

explicate the museum of late for work

flexed seems to say

blonde leaves as you found them

give me a weed to water

slick trunks splotch
rain finished birds
back at it mining
insects suffer you
less in line
myself in fine darkening
trees fill

obscured by leaves
cover up in witch
trial rigged vowels
rigid lip novels
into sentence larceny
met fed autumn
light projected
out windows piano
and cello I am
on again hole inside
wanting to what
useless move forward
choked light my limit
or speed to be

no more
I'm left to leave
for sane self
forthcoming never
knowing ever shadows
and no form
bodies mingling in collide
the broken flight
in means to which
there's how often you
offer when it isn't


Happy birthday to me main man Michael Carr!


Great article on Manny. Refreshing to seem him written about this way.


Give me your baseball predictions, who will win and how many games the series will go:

Rockies vs Phillies
Cubs vs D-Backs

Sox vs Angels
Yanks vs Indians

Winner gets a copy of Asterisk 3, which should hit the stands soon-like.


Aaron Tieger mentions that birds for example is now sold out.