radio version

the public library of life
spread out in kind strength
binaries redirect matter
attention to the rubbing of
through the far beyond
where pure outside Chicago is just place
queen to a universe that just hides
already photographic, against hurt
the hardest sprouting
radios no longer
whether on the part
or humping at the training
the heat implied visible escape
joining the eeriness
my fingers wrinkle to last seeing
more birds than moths
still more limited and reckless

esteemed zine

white trash reception
lunar loner lurk shyly island
tempted to lacy cape
lies speaking larger truths
full wild trusting braver
from one to another
get around strident native
light blue once yours
vestigial wings
I won’t love you properly
decaying seaweed filaments
differing species on high moorland
twiggy and coarse
flightless mowers extinct
special twilight camera
alien mammals hiding the red bill
entirely by circling overhead
digging tubers harried knife edge
selective of the margins to a fault


trophy crude

strong scattered middle
mild Catskill lows
walk this ounce right tact
April halt in lapsing droplet
starts considered flames
found out ever of lilac
into well after could be
systemic indent district
jets narrowed check
range fewer crude
swearing bilge ends
uncertain Summer erupts
marks you met with the hurt then

Eastern copper

gross total inspect reserve
soap bark rancid even engineer
hoisting intolerable touching kind
lakes scan frost pass trot
partly petals pressed on a sill
Brothers Live Poultry Hero Shop
big bird shadow merging
chrome to flowerbox stray range
leisure record if showing happens
operatives dawn advancing prime
editions deep sing scouts
remiss white winter sea legs
look up stand alone
maybe shotguns someone pointed

lies in hiding

underdog copy stood coarse
tears tough makeup getting ends of salt
near rid of look out
concern on sin near hives
may larger scale attain reasonable ports
wasteful bless petal
hence douses
like background singers
received by strangers
guardrail ease in ass puckering heights
wavelength feeding through
Band Aid for now
the just rewards of how far


Pitchers and Catchers report!




poetry reading

February 7th
14 Linden St
Northampton MA
8 pm

Aaron Tieger 's new book is ANXIETY CHANT (Skysill Press). Others include DAYS AND DAYS (Pressed Wafer, 2004), FEBRUARY (Fewer & Further Press, 2006), and THE COLLECTED TYPOS OF AARON TIEGER (Editions Louis Wain, 2008). A longer collection, SECRET DONUT, is due out later this year from Pressed Wafer. In addition, Aaron is the editor of the first American edition of Richard Caddel's UNCERTAIN TIME, also forthcoming from Pressed Wafer. He is the publisher of Petrichord Books, a small press dedicated to innovative poetry. He lives in Cambridge, MA, with the fattest cat you've ever seen.

Jess Mynes is the author of several published works, including: Birds for Example (CARVE Editions), In(ex)teriors (Anchorite Press), and If and When (Katalanche Press). His Sky Brightly Picked (Skysill Press) and Recently Clouds (Petrichord Books), a collaboration with poet Aaron Tieger, are to be published in 2009. He is the editor of Fewer & Further Press and he co-curates a reading series in Western, MA, All Small Caps. He also authors a mind boggling crossover dribble.

Nathanial Weaver Otting is a sub sub librarian, a collector of sorts, all sorts.

Come give us a listen and I'll serve you some of my home brewed cider and wine.