poetry reading

February 7th
14 Linden St
Northampton MA
8 pm

Aaron Tieger 's new book is ANXIETY CHANT (Skysill Press). Others include DAYS AND DAYS (Pressed Wafer, 2004), FEBRUARY (Fewer & Further Press, 2006), and THE COLLECTED TYPOS OF AARON TIEGER (Editions Louis Wain, 2008). A longer collection, SECRET DONUT, is due out later this year from Pressed Wafer. In addition, Aaron is the editor of the first American edition of Richard Caddel's UNCERTAIN TIME, also forthcoming from Pressed Wafer. He is the publisher of Petrichord Books, a small press dedicated to innovative poetry. He lives in Cambridge, MA, with the fattest cat you've ever seen.

Jess Mynes is the author of several published works, including: Birds for Example (CARVE Editions), In(ex)teriors (Anchorite Press), and If and When (Katalanche Press). His Sky Brightly Picked (Skysill Press) and Recently Clouds (Petrichord Books), a collaboration with poet Aaron Tieger, are to be published in 2009. He is the editor of Fewer & Further Press and he co-curates a reading series in Western, MA, All Small Caps. He also authors a mind boggling crossover dribble.

Nathanial Weaver Otting is a sub sub librarian, a collector of sorts, all sorts.

Come give us a listen and I'll serve you some of my home brewed cider and wine.


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