two days down

My sea legs return. A day of migraine and a day of sickly exhaustion. The crest and ebb of rigor and collapse, it seems me pattern. All too much.

Feeling better and cooped finds me cooking, something that has been revived since leaving a cramped space for counter space. Tonight alone I made a chili, dressed a chicken, and dry rubbed some ribs. I'll make the mop for the ribs tomorrow. All this means the mojo has returned.

I need to answer emails, sorry for that. Urine my thoughts.

F&F continues to fly out the door. I've included extras for all you patient saints that keep me afloat and who buy this necessary work.

Here's an excerpt from a piece that I'm writing that makes use of longer compositional units:

Dozens of other form the wall worn fish belly in a sweater at the tugged lawn movies
as long as one has the elves' odyssey a starry rick lit ground would
work after all the done pit stop coaxes a
could full smile
from marked down albums in a passing gesture to which the glove's attached intuition

It is the same piece that prompted a listener to say, "the weed in Wendell must be pretty good." What's that got to do with the poem?

Pedro done for the season! Jordan just about had me convinced...maybe still. I love Pedro, this isn't good. Anybody but the Yanks. I don't want to see Johnny and Jeter...speaking of which how can Jeter win a gold glove when he's got the range of a Perdue chicken? Don't get me started, I'm just bitter.

& for echoes. String of Small Machines is magnificent. Really terrific. These folks keep me eager for each publication. I'm glossing, but you should contact them about each and every publication and read them immediately. You'll be plussed.



the Breaks started shipping last week. Special editions will go out later this week once they have Chris' Hancock.

Property Line starts shipping today, a handful of folks got some early copies. Folks like Mathias. Read his insightful comments about Joe's Property Line sonics. Thanks Mathias! Specials will wait for Joe's pen in NYC, so be patient if you've ordered a special edition. Speaking of patience, thanks to everyone who's been waiting for this book. I'm enclosing thank you's in the form of other F&F wares.

An enormous thank you to ___ for allowing me to use the print shop to cut Joe's book. He indicated that he wouldn't be able to cut them until next week. After I pleaded with him, he allowed me to use the equipment to cut them myself. He's a saint.

There will eventually be a post that'll describe the Property Line saga. It has been a bear.

Kate Greenstreet was really fantastic at our local reading series All Small Caps on Monday night. You should buy a copy of her Case Sensitive. It was wonderful to meet her and Max.

Saw Cecil Taylor last night. It was underwhelming.

Another announcement is forthcoming.


reading tonight

Please come give a listen.



How did I miss this? The American Smiths. In the best way(s).



Has a new issue.


Has a new issue.


1. What is a book that changed your life?
I want to name several but since this asks for a book, I'll answer the question asked. Tender Buttons.

2.What is a book you've read more than once?
The Collected Books of Jack Spicer.

3. What is a book you'd want with you on a desert island?
How about the Collected Poems of Joseph Ceravolo?

4. What is a book that made you giddy?
Joel Sloman's Stops.

5. What is a book that made you sad?
Tennessee Williams: Collected Stories. Particularly "The Field of Blue Children" and "Something by Tolstoi".

6. What is a book you wish had been written?
Gamut: 90 Trees.

7. What is a book you wish had never been written?
They all should be out there. Let the reader decide.

8. What is a book you're currently reading?
Seascape: Needle's Eye.

9. What is one book you've been meaning to read?
Midwinter Day.



Past Simple with a stellar lineup. Jim Goar editor.


from to

The view from my desk from where I used to live. All the images below are from my old place. Sentimental, no?

For the first time in many years I don't have to do this.

Soon we will make our second batch. The first batch is sensational.


well showered

If anyone would send me a copy of this, I would shower you w/ appreciation. The documentary, not USA Today article.

upcoming readings

October 22nd 6pm
The Plough and Stars; Cambridge, MA
912 Mass Ave
w/ Joseph Massey

November 11th
The Lilypad; Cambridge, MA
1353 Cambridge St
w/ Adam Clay, Kate Greenstreet, & Matt Henriksen

February 11th 2007
The Zinc Bar; NYC
90 W Houston St
w/ Tony Robinson

F&F wares

Ship this weekend. Apologies for delays (more on those soon). Life's been nutso.


This could have been something:

"In 1967, Ray wrote a script for a movie to be entitled The Alien, with Columbia Pictures as producer for this planned US-India co-production, and Peter Sellers and Marlon Brando as the leading actors. However Ray was surprised to find that the script he had written had already been copyrighted and the fee appropriated. Marlon Brando dropped out of the project and though an attempt was made to bring James Coburn in his place, Ray became disillusioned and returned to Kolkata. Columbia expressed interest in reviving the project several times in the 70s and 80s but nothing came of it. When E.T. was released in 1982, many saw striking similarities in the movie to Ray's earlier script - Ray discussed the collapse of the project in a 1980 Sight & Sound feature, with further details revealed by Ray's biographer Andrew Robinson (in The Inner Eye, 1989). Ray believed that Spielberg's movie would not have been possible without his script of The Alien being available throughout America in mimeographed copies."

From here.


Anchorite Press

Goes live. Tell your friend's friends. Chris does beautiful work.


One of my favorite contemporary poets has her own website. Thanks to Michael Carr for pointing this out.