the Breaks started shipping last week. Special editions will go out later this week once they have Chris' Hancock.

Property Line starts shipping today, a handful of folks got some early copies. Folks like Mathias. Read his insightful comments about Joe's Property Line sonics. Thanks Mathias! Specials will wait for Joe's pen in NYC, so be patient if you've ordered a special edition. Speaking of patience, thanks to everyone who's been waiting for this book. I'm enclosing thank you's in the form of other F&F wares.

An enormous thank you to ___ for allowing me to use the print shop to cut Joe's book. He indicated that he wouldn't be able to cut them until next week. After I pleaded with him, he allowed me to use the equipment to cut them myself. He's a saint.

There will eventually be a post that'll describe the Property Line saga. It has been a bear.

Kate Greenstreet was really fantastic at our local reading series All Small Caps on Monday night. You should buy a copy of her Case Sensitive. It was wonderful to meet her and Max.

Saw Cecil Taylor last night. It was underwhelming.

Another announcement is forthcoming.


Blogger Steven Moore said...

I saw Cecil Taylor in 1979 & was underwhelmed then. I remember thinking that if he'd actually learn to relax - to unknot - he'd be a lot louder. It was a strange experience seeing all these great musicians communicating beautifully with each other but not projecting as far as the audience.

6:47 AM  

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