hallway mullet

Just passed a guy in the hallway who had a top shelf mullet and was wearing leather pants. I'm tempted to lie and say parachute pants, but I want to be on the level with you. He has no idea how happy he just made me.


audio, yo

Here. More soon.



By a lingering headcold, but I'm at work for about a 5 hour day. Much to say about things, soon. Stay tuned...both of you.

Another fleet of CI's now milling, including every last order en route.

New developments soon, I'll keep you posted.


Beckett, Lester, and Papelbon...sounds like the 90's Braves rotations. & Wakefield, he'll pitch into his fifties. Hansen at the back end. Bright days if the arms are for real.

Manny might be staying.

Another round of Coltsfoots will ship Friday, keep those orders coming. Seriously misjudged the shipping costs, ZAP!

Delinquent with thank yous for many recently receiveds. Thank you thank you thank you.

If I haven't said it before I'm open to barters.

On a cooking spree. A good time for it.

Several another area code J's last night, while the mid-range remains absent. Finding the stroke.


a couple of things

Pay Pal is indeed working. Thanks for those orders, they shipped Saturday and today.

Yesterday went to this. If you anticipate being in the area between now and mid February you should see this exhibition. It is truly wonderful. Check out the Buzz Spector. & the Lyn Hejinian/Emilie Clark collaboration The Lake is breathtaking, it made my knees weak. The care given to the production of these texts is remarkable.


Pay Pal

Is up and (hopefully) working. Check it out.


Pissing contest here.


things & thanks

Dog tired today. About to leave work, walk the dog, start a fire, make dinner, play basketball, take a shower, fall asleep. Repeat because it is necessary. Pay day tomorrow. Joy. Should I skip basketball and work on books? Sanity or productivity? Do they need to be mutually exclusive? Aren't they related? What if I work tonight and go to the gym tomorrow? Why am I asking you? Who are you anyway?

Those who've ordered books, they'll ship on Sat. Thank you for your interest and support. You are all of that and more. The effort is renewed.




wind quickens
leaves hemorrhaging
color clotted
into streets
paralysis aside
it is easier under
an alias this life
is full of itself



Another ass kicking broadside by Aaron


answer and update

Joel Sloman is the author of those poems, both of which can be found in Stops. Thanks to everyone who played along.

Coltsfoot Insularity is now available. You will be able to buy it through Pay Pal, I'll direct you where when it is set up. I've spent the last four days, folding, stamping, inking, and fretting. It looks great, I couldn't be more pleased with the result. If you can't wait until Friday, you can email me directly with your address and I'll send one out to you ASAP. The cost is $7, which is a steal as it is a full length manuscript. The covers come in a variety of colors, inks, and stamp impressions, so if you want to buy more than one you can witness how unique each handcrafted cover is. I'm hoping to have scanned images of some of the different covers so you can request whichever style you would like. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this project, particularly Aaron Tieger, Chris Rizzo, Michael Carr, Sarah Martell, and everyone else who has let me bend your ear about one thing or another.


Coltsfoot Insularity contest

Poem #1 and poem #2 (not actual poem titles) posts are written by the same author, the first person who can identify that author will receive a free copy of Coltsfoot Insularity, a collaboration between Aaron Tieger and myself. The is no limit on the number of guesses you can make. The rest of you can email me if you are interested in a copy, or wait for the Fewer & Further Press page to post, which should be within the week once Pay Pal has been finalized. If you are excited, you should be.

poem #2

Skeletons replace masses.
The world is complex in another way, though not a new one.
Polls indicate considerable despair, considerable hope.
A china-blue falsehood diverts this honeymoon.
My irresistable pain clouds children's eyes and cheeks.
Their imitation is sincere.
Numbers overwhelm.
Mexican, Russian, arctic, and tropical phantoms swarm.
A perpetually blinking light.

poem #1

Stands of slim-stemmed peonies.
These flowers at my feet are like care.
Under my feet the turf heals.
Dozens of quick saurians feed in deep lawn.
King Kong rules behind those Egyptian gates.
The zipper on my windbreaker is stuck.
The large pink tulips are out of place.
I told that cat not to swat the bumblebee.
A great blue heron is flushed by a jogger.
The sun is not so large after all. Clouds are larger.
Crows exhale.
Last night I was blotto.
The house we had in 1930 offered a great view of Los Angeles.
Overlapping herringboned leaflets. Red socks.



Cats being goofballs

o the days

Of being a student worker. The one who works with me called in this morning with a sore throat. Doesn't top the phone call saying, I'm tired this morning so I'm going to take the day off. I don't mind so much, though the work accumulates, frankly I'm just jealous I can't do the same. When she is here, she is a gift, so so much for complaining.

Where have you gone Tony Robinson, a blogging nation turns it lonely eyes to you. I miss the more frequently blogging Tony.

Cataloging management books today, some titles: Management, Strategic Management, Public Personnel Management, Managing Human Resources, Human Resource Management, &tc.

Mork calling

Orson Welles, also recently added. You like the added touch of that 10% off?

recent addition

To the library. Ray Johnson! My second favorite R Johnson.


Imperial Stout

Our local pub, which shall remain nameless, has the good fortune of having a cask conditioned version of the Berkshire Brewing Company's Imperial Stout on tap at the present time. This is one of the finest Imperial Stouts that you will find, it compares favorably to Brooklyn's Black Chocolate Stout. Brooklyn is an all time favorite of mine, up there with Coolidge, Ceravolo, ribs, Burt Lancaster, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bemsha Swing, &tc-- so this is not a comparison to be taken lightly.

Incidentally if you aren't sure what an Imperial or Chocolate Stout is, and are too lazy to click on the link above, there is a nice explanation at the Brooklyn website:

"In the 18th century, Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, asked for stout to be sent to her from England. Fearful of spoilage on the long voyage to the Baltic ports, the English brewers made the beer strong, and added more hops as a natural preservative. It arrived in perfect condition, and became known as Russian Imperial Stout, the toast of the Russian aristocracy. We use three mashes to brew each batch of this beer, achieving a luscious deep dark chocolate flavor through a blend of specially roasted malts. We brew it every year for the winter season, and it ages very nicely for years, becoming even more complex in flavor. Served in a snifter glass, there is nothing better with chocolate desserts, cheesecake, fruit tarts or ice cream."


Tea. Thanks Charles for the recommendation.

Mingus LP

Mingus CD

more miscellaneous

Coltsfoot Insularity should be completed by the end of the day on Sunday (if not sooner), keep your eyes peeled here for more details on how to order this gem.

Starting to find my long range stroke on the basketball court. My mid range game has been consistent and I've been very selective taking it to the dish because my legs aren't there yet. Exciting to hear about the progression of my game, no?

A nice revision of Penny Dreadful has that manuscript close to close.

Christopher Rizzo and myself have just completed our collaboration Full on Jabber. We are brainstorming ideas for potential publishers, if you have any suggestions, add them to the comment box. This is a chapbook length manuscript. Maybe I'll post an excerpt sometime soon. Chris has a chapbook, Zing, coming out this fall from CARVE Editions.

Recent reading list, some highlights:
Padgett & Clark Bun
Torres Sister
Stanley A Tall, Serious Girl
Sloman Stops
Berrigan Collected
Berkson Enigma Variations

"Well you say that it's gospel
But I know that it's only church."