Give me your baseball predictions, who will win and how many games the series will go:

Rockies vs Phillies
Cubs vs D-Backs

Sox vs Angels
Yanks vs Indians

Winner gets a copy of Asterisk 3, which should hit the stands soon-like.


Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

okay, with one day down, it's kind of like cheating, but here goes:

Rox win in 4
Cubs win in 5
Sox win in 4
Yanks win in 4

1:27 PM  
Blogger Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

I'm going to provide a late entry, too (I just discovered your blog!): Indians will beat the Sox in 6, D-Backs will take the Rockies in 7, and the Indians will beat the D-Backs, in, let's say ... five!

And if I don't win, I'll ORDER a copy of asterisk!

12:30 AM  

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