NYC!! This is pre-reading with: Mark, me, Sarah, and Dave. Brenda Iijima with the photo skills. Note Mark's blue leather, yeah! OK, enough exclamations, or not enough really. The NYC folks were beyond compare: Stacy, Erica, Brenda, Dustin, Gina, Eddie, Corina, Paul, Coletti (who I gave a drunken hug), etc. etc. I had a blast, right up until I hit a cab on the way out of town. Shit. A green handshake and we were back on course. But what a joy to look up at a reading and see everyone attuned. Then afterwards beers, conversation, and popcorn. Wished I'd had less self and more ear (as second reader) for Dustin's reading. I look forward to the work he passed along. If only more time to hang, but alas. Thank you. Thank you.


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