in the lab

Wrote these last night. They are still in process, but I thought I'd give you a peak.

older plants

the dictionary defies
the sun with common
sense its very verdant
pastures its league
of tentacles
all red in the face
the same all green
all around the child
rushing into the night
I used to see the same
photo yet with a
sound snow melts

I have this marker

you are the ruin
I need to be
a forum for this
bleeding phantom trouble
a pronoun on the rough
street moments ago
the middle of winter
owed the sky’s beginning
now adding a twig
adoration twists about
blue and shiny
I have all distance
in these lips
a halo for preening


the sky loathes this
windshield trim hills
deformed to opaque shapes
how many has one filling
the sky in a rage
the improbable sense
to go deep white
sky juggling crows
having been in this city
having been in this hibiscus
order outside this window
a sense of waves that
would be mirror
that writ for order
the fiery glow you don’t notice


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