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Zaftig (Adjective)

Pronunciation: ['zæf-tig]

Definition 1: Having a full, rounded figure (usually of a woman).

Usage 1: Marilyn Monroe had a zaftig figure, as did the pin-ups of another generation. This word must be used sensitively but it is an impressive alternative to its synonym "Rubenesque."

Suggested usage: Using this word you have to be careful that it is set in a positive context: "Ms Jones has a razor-sharp wit and a zaftig figure, a combination that some men find attractive."

Etymology: From the Yiddish zaftik "juicy," from Middle High German saft "juice", akin to the English the word "sap." No explanation as to why the English word bears none of the connotations of the original German word.

—Dr. Language, yourDictionary.com


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