Can you tell my paramour is afar? I'm blogging up a storm...for me least.

The longer I work on a manuscript the less sure I am. Of a divided mind. The routine of the work of it appeals to much of me. The volume of production, the solace of routine. Then I think of the Monk axiom that you have to get on the first or second take, cause that's where the feeling is. The improvisational quality of invention. Also there's the Welles thinking of many takes, the first several you get the emotion, the invention. The next several the boredom of routine. The rote. I suppose a learning. The next several the emodiment, the incarnation of knowing something inside and out. It being lived in. A skin. Where to leave off the left out.

Snyder what you bringing tonight? & that's not One Day at a Time Schneider.

Holy tastic mail. Maureen's tinysides are a stunning production. The cheap cheap price of these make purchase a Joe Brainard (no brainer). Ha ha sold out!

Speaking of mail I was giddy when Farid made mention of Richard Pryor in his recent Effing. Like Pryor, Farid my have a heart of gold but he's got an axe for yours if you're not careful.

Elvis Costello is making my exhaustion not so bad. What's your favorite Elvis?

Is the National League officially AAAA yet? That's smack.

Logan's getting after all the work he's receiving. It's inspiring.

If you've read Chris Rizzo's In the Quells, it is the sequel to the Breaks which'll be out soon. Is that fair Chris? Maybe not sequel, but an extension or further exploration? It is like Star Wars. So don't you want to know what made Kid go to the dark side? Read up in the Breaks and learn what happened. Uh, not really, but you should gobble it up anyway when it burst on the scene in August.

O hey I'm reading on Wednesday, if you live in Western, MA come listen to me read an ample portion of a current full length. Email me and I'll give you details.


Blogger richard lopez said...

i'm watching ol' declan right now performing with death cab for cutie on vhi. my favorite elvis is the whole of _get happy_, difficult to pick one song, tho, since the troubador is such a brilliant songwriter and lyricist. dig: 'she's been a bad girl/she's a chemical'. in short, brilliance.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Tony said...

I have a sentimental soft spot for My Aim Is True.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...


In the Quells is more like the story of Darth Kid, albeit in a reckless Luke mood. It's all about Empire, yo.

12:22 AM  

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