Sewing Coolidge specials. Will negotiate to use print shop for edge trim. Expect shipping at the end of the week or the coming weekend. Apologies for delays.

Planted blueberries today. They finally arrived in very rough shape. Concerned they might not make it. Will trim them of dead matter and fertilize them in hopes of revival.

Crazy happenings at the end of the week turned me inside out. Now I'm seeing it as more comical. Very comical in fact.

My links are sorely in need of revising. Soon.

Will be harvesting from the garden tonight for diner. If you can tell me what it is, I'll send you something.

Spent morning with chainsaw and a wood chipper. Very exhausting work.

We need rain.

I'll be in Boston tomorrow for Michael Carr and Bruce Andrews. You should be there too. Please say hello to me if you are there.


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