Harvested about 70 heads off garlic last night, stripped them, hung them. Planted a fall crop of kale, collards, and cabbage on their heels. Soon to plant brussel sprouts, broccoli, more cabbage, etc.

Trying to catch up with the weeds... hard to do one handed (broken pinkie).

Bunch of F&F stuff about to drop, keep your eyes peeled.

Phone died right after hooking up dial up, working on that.

Anyone interested in trading book assembling help for wine/beer/produce, holler via back channel.

Belated thanks to everyone in Milwaukee and Chicago who made those readings and the trip itself so excellent. Couldna been better.

Reading Olson-Duncan letters.

Soon to be working on a collaboration with Amy Borezo.

Way behind with correspondences and orders due to injury (see above) and lack of internet at home, which I just reconnected.


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