The Antagonists

an amateur brainwasher?
now there would be more delay than increasing agony

a formal lecture made his hands enormous

a realist prestige began to blame the fact that it happened so long ago

breakdowns through an overworked smile

as small as shamelessly as usurious

flinching, his head moved making his grab a slick lead-in

had it been refused, you would see it breaking?

that’s the rod I keep in pickle, well enough to wish him ill

shoot the awkward question, a god-awful bungle, stark riven

gratefully the left handed undreamt of success

in an armchair too small to stain

capitalist determinacy called the arts his way of life
the odds he’d been told every second of it

alive from both of them, an important fine too civilized to this sunless land

magnificent teeth, go to sleep

his heels here without reason

you can count in the inception of missiles

best microwave man alive


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