The back has gotten worse. Bent on svelte, I pushed myself too much at hoops. Spent all of yesterday on my back watching the second season of The Wire and reading. This shit is painful. Been on a steady diet of arnica, tiger balm, cold packs, hot water bottle, and hot tub. Today, at least I can move around a little, which is good because I am going to see William Parker play this evening. I will be the wincing one with the geezer gait. It has been a blessing in disguise - how's that for spin? - slowing F&F stuff, but allowing me an opportunity to sit in the hot tub to read and write. How about this beautiful line from Frank Sherlock's _Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show_, "The cruel the vulnerable seeds witness"? A perfect line for today's false Spring.

Listening to the Velvet Underground's Loaded, double disk with the demos, etc. Terrific.

Typing this whilst walking around my kitchen, the hot tub beckons.


Blogger Logan Ryan Smith said...

i know the feeling man. back problems are the OPPOSITE of the bee's knees.

5:30 PM  

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