F&F in full effect

All current F&F orders shipped today, with the exception of orders that includes Asterisk 2. I need to print more of these, so they'll ship later this week.

Asterisk 4 will be released this week. Asterisk 4 features the stylings of Tony Robinson.

Andy Mister's Hotels is ready. I'm in production mode: cutting, folding, stapling, sewing. This'll be announced soon.

Brenda Iijima's Rabbit Lesson is near-to-done. Once Brenda give me the ok, this'll hit the streets also.

Next up: Shannon Tharp and Jordan Davis. Following that will be John Coletti. After that F&F will take a break with the exception of publishing Asterisk and perhaps a little self publishing.

Thanks for the continued support.


Blogger Mike H said...

That's a mighty fine line-up.

1:01 PM  

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