sausage, etc.

Was made. My friends harvested their pigs recently. We made hot, sweet, and breakfast sausage. The hot is not so hot. Not in flavor, but temperature. I couldn't convince my friend to go hotter. More chipotle! We processed about 35 lbs of pork. Making sausage is a labor of love, it is very time consuming. Well worth it. I'm very fortunate to have friends who have the right priorities.


It is getting cold. It should be getting cold.


Saw Borat. I feel no justification needed for saying this film is essential viewing.


The color of my work space at home is all wrong, remember I just bought this place. I've some definite ideas about what color to paint it, but if you have suggestions please comment. It is currently dark purple with black and glitter trim. Yes, glitter. It is about 12 x 12.


I've revived an old manuscript. Realizing that in light of finishing current projects, I always invent new projects. Is this a good thing? It is what it is. Such as my brain. At least I finish.


Blogger Joseph Massey said...

Paint the walls a rich Satanic red.

I am jealous of your sausage.

5:04 PM  
Blogger JWG said...

project does not end until you die. all part of the same big work. does not matter how you go about it, long as you go about it.

I second massey. I wish i had your sausage


I just saw my key word

10:31 PM  

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