Landscape Odes is now available. I will create a page for it later tonight so you can peek at its contents.

Landscape Odes is a folded broadside featuring 6 "pages" of poetry written by myself. A paean to place. Each copy is individually stamped.

If you think $3 is pricey, it includes S&H and accommodates Paypal skim...more importantly it is to help fund finishing Joe's and Chris'.

Images of the covers for Property Line and the Breaks, including their respective specs, will be up soon. You can read excerpts from these manuscripts on their individual pages. The first twenty orders of the Breaks and Property Line will receive a free doublesided signed broadside. Readers of this post can beat the rush and pre-order now before the publication announcement. There are benefits to reading this blog. An official press release statement will go out early next week. There will also be special editions of both publications, if you are interested in those please email the editor.

I am broke. If you still balk at $3 for the folded broadside after reading this, you can kiss my whitebread butt. If you decide to include extra monies or make a donation to F&F Press, I won't forget you. You can do this by Paypal-ing to the editor's email.


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