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Blogger Brian said...

To live with the pigs...working on pig like projects...to walk amongst the pigs...to sweat with the pigs and then to find out that pigs don't sweat...BACON!!! Oh, the humanity. What a world...In nature there are boundaries but is it not man's quest in modernity to extend, perhaps, break or test these boundaries, pushing the limits beyond where history has previously been only to finally end in a hyperanomic and hyperpanicked state of hyperinvidualization where the cracks in the world open wide to swallow all but the avoricious pigs, feeding from the trough of globalized capital and immiseration...and community dissipates in an angst ridden myriad miasma of shopping mall commodity fetishism flopping against the planet of slums and our only therepuetic ethos is the banality of evil. Finally, nature gives way to second nature giving way to the simulacrum. If they could, the mussellmen would long for the benovelent bygone days of the PIGS!!!!!!!

PEACE, Kerry.

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