bright lights charge
(for Michael Carr)

lordly suture as elaborate dance
kill shot to tease fondly deflated
surgeon the maleficent detest has since efforts
flare doves dowse in lemonade

to a coupe
ask for five cents

sum of sun we test
angle of sunshine and lasso summarization
ask to coronation par none
veritable exposition in two ways
parted altars a kin to grouper velour
erratic into do not status

the plus posits to falter proceeds
a windy road forward
vows constant falsies be

conductive limp wrist verification though flowers
chock in startling d├ęcor
that the genie atrophied shouldn't pause vengeance
endless scurvy purports humiliations
line in there drowses to assimilation

options in other words

parliament mistreated speaks to miniscule
or five day old fish sputters
earwax in any event petals to since
take to mark in lions one's cause

have at it
the going is charted


Blogger Joseph said...

Fitting dedication since it reminds me, all in good ways, of Carr's own poems: the sinister dialog in the back of the head of the text, blurring in and out of consciousness. Right on.


12:57 AM  

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