Recent rain and steamy heat have the garden overgrown with weeds. & something, presumably a porcupine, continues to mow its way through the brassica. I had hopes for a banner brassica crop, but it looks like there'll be little. The porcupine has begun to eat the brussel sprouts I had covertly hidden amongst the peas. I'm all for coexistence, but if you have an available shotgun, let me know. Last evening in the brutal heat and humidity I decided to attempt to fix my fence in order to thwart, or at least make the porcupine work harder for his bounty. I had to dig a hole to re-affix a post. It was so humid that sweat began pouring out of me and my glasses slid off my face onto the ground. I was drenched within minutes. The despair of feeling the garden out of hand, and the disappearing crops, was replaced by being saturated. I quickly gave up and decided it would be wiser to work on press projects. I grabbed Langston and headed indoors. Once inside I shed my sopping clothing. Langston continued on through the house and out the front door. Normally I might let Langston wander, but his penchant for compost has cost me thousands of dollars, literally, and he had a leash trailing which could lead to disastrous results if he was to get hung up on something. I quickly followed him out into the yard. Upon seeing the first biker, I realized I hadn't a stitch of clothes on. I returned to the house and threw on a pair of shorts and went back for Langston. I realized I couldn't see anything because I didn't have my glasses. I went back to the house, found my glasses, and quickly spotted Langston far down the road, head sniffing at the air. Luckily I was quick enough to scoop him up and return home. I'm wondering what the biker thought when he saw me come racing out of the house hellbent and frantic, buck naked? Oh hello, don't mind me, I'm just looking for my dog.


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