garden update, etc.

Friday evening when I went to the garden it was a bit despairing to see how the weeds had not only gained the upper hand, but were threatening to completely overwhelm the plants. Last week with press production, the heat, and the rain, I was unable to devote necessary attention to the plants. So this weekend I spent many hours in the garden attempting to play catch up. The garden was a lawn last year, so the weeds are essentially dense grass, which is often the most difficult to remove because you can't simply hoe it out, you have to get down on hands and knees and yank them out without removing too much of the soil or the plants themselves. A painstaking process, imagine mowing your lawn by hand...perhaps that's a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea. After I weeded like this for hours I find that when I close my eyes I see the weeds in my mind. This kind of visualization is actually very pleasant.

What else?

Fixed the garden fence.

Planted several varieties of morning glories along the fence.

Transplanted basil.

Removed first round of peas.

Staked and tied several tomato plants.

Read Caddel's Writing in the Dark. I highly recommend this book. It was written after he had been diagnosed with leukemia. Beautiful poems, playful and heart breaking. I'll post some more of them, but Crystallographer from a previous post is one of them. There is one particular at the end of the book, written to/for his wife that is breath taking in its vulnerability and execution.

Finished designing the cover for Andy Mister's chapbook.

Did the layout for Asterisk 3.

Wrote some.

Revised some.

Various errands.

Attended a cook out/dinner party of friends.


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