from Sonnects

synonym of shoeshine mothered forward to gush stutter upped in recreation
classed to access points on the mezzanine if you’re offered good and infamous

weird means to leaning skinny in rows abreast
missus cornfed plods on in the coalition shrunk by a country

like hair pulling for all kinds of hoarders who had you twice get your cherry on the guns and how they were working the fate of Honeyspot Rd into a plot off from travel

lanes my maple leaf excites
Throgs Neck conflate with cranes

I loam a few bearing straight to see hens duplexed to the nines stories chloroform in ogre feel set to wake in time bought rooms having bags misremembered for cords

cornrows renewed to well lit
you’re twice the frieze

size like divine right stern heir to rigging gulped foment fawns bright
breezing dens mapped to foam butter skies cornflower cloaked awning a nab


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