Can't shake this cold. Hacking and wheezing. Sneezing.


Hot tub is a most welcome thing.


Garden plans 2007 include blueberries, ETA 2010. We have pine needles.


Clark's is ever close. Listen to the earful? That's four poems-worth.


Seen the Borat-Conan O'Brien interview on YouTube? Conan doesn't know what to say. It is very sexytime.


Local reading series last night featured 10 straight poems on arranged marriages. The first five were interesting. They were all by the same poet.


Haven't written a lick for a week.


This Larry Fagin poem from Brain Damage

Ida Lupino

You look brighter through
the lampshade on my head.

There's a card trick
a cocktail and charades

it's true, Blue Monday
has made monkey man forget.

Pea-green as can be
are you, musically speaking

and walking up & down
on the offbeat in the lobby

a small drunk in brown
toots a blue goodnight:

beige drapes & blinds drawn tight.


Many and/&'s. Everything included belongs.


Ida Lupino is bangs if you've seen her.


When I can't write, I blog.


Blogger Steven Moore said...

Paul Bley's solo piano piece called Ida Lupino is also beautiful. If I had my CDs here I'd email you an mp3.

Try 2g vit C and 1 co-enzyme Q10 tablet every 4 hours for a cold.

4:51 AM  
Blogger GJPW said...

Borat is currently my favorite poet. He was brilliant on Conan.


8:03 PM  

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